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Scorn: Where to Get the First Weapon



Scorn: Where to Get the First Weapon

Scorn is a first-person horror survival game in which players get to solve puzzles and also engage in combat with strange creatures. Players will be able to find their first gun of Scorn in Act 1.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can get the first weapon of Scorn.

Getting the First Gun

Act 1 of the game is inside a very strange place with mysterious doors and a big hall that players will need to find a way to get through this place to get to the next Act. Once the players are in the big hall, their objective would be to open the big door in the big hall. In order to open the door, players will need to solve the Egg Puzzle, and then they need to Open the Big Door in the big hall. Once they opened the door, they’ll approach the elevator that can be accessed with a console.

The elevator will take the players to the next area of the first Act and this is the area where players can get their first gun of the game. After getting out of the elevator, go to the left side of the platform and keep going on it, don’t go inside the door on the left yet just go along the platform. You’ll reach a strange mechanism at the end of the platform and when you go near the mechanism, your character will equip the gun from the pillar.

This gun doesn’t have bullets but it shoots to a very low range meaning it’s a short-range weapon. After getting the weapon, you can go inside one of the rooms on the platform and this gun will also help you use the consoles.

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