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Skull and Bones: How to Board Enemy Ships



Skull and Bones - Board Enemy Ships

In an immersive pirating experience of Ubisoft’s latest title Skull and Bones, players will get to embark on an exciting journey where they will get to become a ferocious pirate. Discovering lands among the seas of East Africa and Southeast Asia, meeting with various NPCs and characters, engaging with various enemy factions, and much more.

As players start with nothing but a small ship, they will have to find all sorts of valuable items and raw materials by exploring the world and looting the cargo of enemy or other players’ ships. Speaking of looting cargo, the most efficient way to secure the most loot is to board the enemy ships instead of sinking them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to board enemy ships in Skull and Bones.

How to Board Enemy Ships in Skull and Bones

There are a couple of ways to sink the enemy ships to loot the items from their cargo and players will be assigned a task to board the enemy ships to loot the cargo fairly early in the game. Once players have unlocked their first ship and built weapons for it, they will unlock a contract ‘Unwelcome Aboard’ for Blacksmith. This contract will require players to board the enemy ships to loot the valuables.

Boarding the enemy vessels requires a couple of things and the most critical thing that players must undertake first is to deal damage to the enemy vessel using the weapons. Once the health of the enemy’s ship is half or lower, sail near the ship and aim at the ship to get a prompt to board the ship.

The prompt button for boarding the ship is Y (XBOX) or Triangle (PlayStation). Pressing the prompt button will throw grapples at the enemy’s ship and if the grapples latch onto the ship, a brief cutscene will play in which your crew will board the ship and you will get the option to loot the cargo of the ship.

If you miss the grapples, the boarding will not take place and you will have to try again. It is best to raise the sails when trying to board the ship to have less chance of missing the grapples.

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