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Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story – Chapter 2: The Plains Walkthrough



Song of Nunu: Chapter 2 walkthrough

After crossing through The Shore, Nunu and WIllump will get closer to the Winged Mountain which can be reached from the Plains area. We will be covering the second chapter, The Plains of Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story.

Chapter 2: The Plains Walkthrough

The adventure continues as Nunu wakes up from his nightmare due to the attack of the wolves. Shoot snowballs at the wolves until Willump joins the fight. Defeat the wolves and the Alpha Wolves by attacking them with Willump’s light and heavy attacks. Legend Braum will come to the rescue and show you the way to the Winged Mountain. However, he will tell you to bring a Cauldron so that they can eat and find a way to get inside the mountain as it is important to get in during the blizzard.

Make your way ahead along the path to jump down into the pit and wake up Krug to move it in the gap to get across. Use the flute and play the notes highlighted on Krug to move it and then jump on it to reach an abandoned caravan. Defeat the wolves in the area and go along the path to find a giant shovel. Go over to the shovel and interact with it to teleport to Ornn’s Workshop beneath Freljord. The area is filled with lava so, you have to use the climbing ability and rock puddles to surf on the lava to make your way ahead to Ornn.

Forge Cauldron

Once you have made your way to Ornn, he will tell you to make a cauldron by adding the materials to the furnace. Head over to the elevator to go down and get started with making a cauldron. Go to the front of the furnace, climb on the wheel, and keep rotating the wheel until the arrow reaches the red bar. Get off the wheel and quickly pull down the button by climbing on it to ignite the furnace. Now, make your way to the back of the furnace by going from the left side and jumping on the counterweights to open the gate to let the lava go into the furnace to fan the flame. Go to the right side of the furnace and jump on the rock puddles to cross the lava to reach the other side. Pull down the button on the other side to make a bridge and continue ahead.

Go up to the two buttons and climb on them to make a path for the ball of coal. Now, go to the left side to pull the chain to drop a ball of coal to add it to the furnace. Make your way back to the furnace to start a brief cutscene in which Ornn will tell you to get Jurlberry Fruit that grows in the Stronghold and an offering from the kellurel in Ice Garden to forge the cauldron. After the cutscene, go back to the shovel and interact with it to teleport back to the plains.

Jurlberry Fruit from the Black Fortress

Go to the left side to make your way into the entrance to the Stronghold. Use the freezing power to cross the water to reach beneath the bridge. Break the root and climb up and clear the path by breaking the ice to go ahead. Reach the drawbridge area by freezing the waterfall nearby to break the root and climb up on the path. You need to open the drawbridge to get inside the Black Fortress. First, go to the left side to break the root to free the chain, then interact with the levers on the right side to break the snow off the chains by shooting the green roots. Now, align all of the chains in a way to causes a chain breakage of the roots to free the drawbridge.

Go inside the Black Fortress to see the Jurlberry Fruit located on top. Before you get it, you will have to fight the enemies. Use the freeze ability to freeze the enemies to defeat them and Willump will charge up his ability to freeze the whole area. Climb up the ice to retrieve the fruit then continue to the left side to make your way out of the Black Fortress. Freeze the water to go east and slide your way down the stronghold and then climb on while breaking the roots to get out of the stronghold area and reach the plains.

Offering from Kellurel in Ice Garden

Make your way to the east side to reach a stone gate. Play the note engraved on the stone to open the gate. Move ahead in the area to come across a broken bridge. Keep going left to stand on the rock and play the note to lift the rock. You will find a true ice with a few notes marked on the side, play the notes to let WIllump get a true ice power and make your way down from the rock by playing the note again. Go to the broken bridge and play the notes on the broken bridge to fix it as WIllump shoots the true ice. Cross the bridge to play the note on the stone to open the entrance to the Ice Garden.

Willump will ask for a rematch of the snowball fight so, defeat Willump again to keep going up along the path. Break the ice at the entrance of the cave to go inside and keep following the path until you reach a gate with a broken stone nearby. The stone will have a half note on it and to figure out the rest of the note, go to the right side and defeat a small Krug to find the larger Krug resting. Go to the true ice on the other side and interact with it to get a few notes and use the notes to wake up Krug. Get on the back of Krug and play the new notes to let Willump get the true ice power from the true ice on the back of Krug. Now, make your way back to the stone to fix the stone to highlight the note and play it to open the gate.

Go along the path to reach Kellurel. There will be several notes in front that you need to play to wake up Kellurel but it will not be able to get up due to 2 broken roots. Make your way to the left side or right side to get true ice from each side by playing the notes and using them to fix the roots. Once you have fixed the roots, play the notes again to wake up Kellurel to get the offering. Move along the ice path to start sliding to get down from the Ice Garden and break the rock at the end to reach the Plains.

Back to Braum

Go to the shovel and interact with it to start a cutscene to get the Cauldron from Ornn by giving him the Jurlberry Fruit and the offering. After that, you will be teleported back to the abandoned caravan area. Defeat the wolves and a Krug ahead and wake up the Krug again by playing the notes to cross back to the other side. Make your way ahead along the path to reach Braum to set up a campfire.

Play the notes to sing the song and delve into another Nunu’s nightmare to conclude the chapter and continue the adventure in the Chasm.

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