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Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story – Chapter 4: Ramshara Walkthrough



Song of Nunu - Ramshara

Nunu and Willump will meet Volibear in the Chasm who will open up a path for them to reach Ramshara, home of Yetis. The chapter begins as Nunu and Willump open up the gate to Ramshara. We will be covering the fourth chapter, Ramshara of Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story.

Chapter 4: Ramshara Walkthrough

The chapter begins with a brief cutscene of WIllump finding stone sculptures of Yetis and getting sad. Follow Willump along the path as Nunu tries to cheer him up. Once Nunu gets on Willump’s back, follow along the path by climbing to reach the City of Yeti but it has not been lightened up for ages. Get on Willump’s back to climb up and play the note on the stone to move the platform. Jump on the platform to go ahead to reach Anivia Statue.

Light Up City of Yeti

You need to lighten up the city by playing the tones marked on the stones up on the platform as Willump highlights which tones to play by throwing snowballs on the drums. Go up to the platform to stand in between the stones and wait for Willump to throw the snowballs. Play the tones 3 times in total to activate Anivia Statue to lighten up the city of Yeti. Go to the right side to get down and slide your way down to reach the gate of the treasures.

Open the Gate of the Treasures

As you get down, you will activate the 1st button automatically but there are two more buttons that you need to activate. Go to the right side to use the slide to reach a room with a bell. Shoot the snowballs at the moving rock to hit the bell to raise a stone at a distant. Go near the stone and wait for it to get down to get on it and then wait for the stone to hit the bell again for the stone to rise. Go ahead on the path to come across a trail path on the floor. Shoot the drums to line up the trail and then use the ball stone to activate the slide. Take the slide and go along the path to reach another trail path on the floor. Shoot the drums to mine up the trail and then use the ball stone to activate the slide. Take the slide to jump on the drum to activate the second button.

Now, make your way to the left side to find a few roots. Break the roots by shooting the snowballs and climb up the wall. Proceed ahead along the path and break the ice to take a slide. Play the tone to get the true ice for the next slide gate. Take the slide to fight the enemies and then climb up the wall to go ahead. You will require another true ice to repair the slide to get down to the drum. Go to the opposite side of the slide and jump to the left side to control Nunu. Climb up along the path and go to the right side to climb up further and shoot the root to free the waterfall for WIllump to climb up.

Go to the left side and play the tone to get the true ice and stick it to the broken stone ball. Use the stone ball to raise the statue with true ice holder. Make your way to the right side and use the ball stone to rotate the raised statue. Now, play the tone on the true ice to get it and place it on the statue. Use the stone balls again to rotate and lower the statue to get the true ice to use it on the slide. Take the slide to get down to the last drum to activate the third button and open the gate.

Fix the Murals

The treasures hold the history of Yeti and you will get to learn their history by solving four murals after defeating the wolves. Defeat the wolves and then go to each mural one by one and shoot the drum to fix the mural to learn the history. Once you have fixed all 4 murals, you will open the path leading to the treasure. Go along the path as learning more history of Yeti to reach the treasure but the Heart of the Blue will not be there.

Remove the Bewitching Curse

Willump will get bewitched by the flying-purple creatures and you need to remove the curse by playing the drums. Follow Willump and shoot the snowballs on the drums to destroy the creature along the way until you reach a statue with a drum. There will be notes rotating in a single that you need to play to charge up the statue to play the drum to destroy the creatures in the vicinity. Charge up the statue for 3 times to cross ahead and play the tone for Willump to remove the bewitched curse.

A brief cutscene will start and after the cutscene, the chapter will conclude and Nunu will get another nightmare starting the final chapter, the Citadel.

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