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For the King 2: How to Regenerate Focus



FTK 2 - Regenerate Focus

Focus is one of the crucial aspects of the game as it guarantees an extra roll to any skill or combat check and even extra movement turns on the overworld. However, there is only a limited focus for every character in the game and it cannot be replenished on its own. As focus can save you from many harm’s ways, it is best to replenish focus every time you get the chance.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to regenerate focus in For the King 2.

How to Regenerate Focus in For the King 2

In the town, there are several ways for characters to restore their health and focus. The local inn provides a modest restoration of both health and focus but ends the character’s turn in the process. Meditating allows characters to fully recover focus points without ending their turn. Additionally, the Dark Carnival occasionally offers an option to completely restore the entire party’s health and focus.

Furthermore, hero statues and sanctums can grant partial or full recovery of focus points based on their specific effects. Characters can also utilize the Refocus and Discipline skills, giving them a chance to regain focus points at the end of their turn. Various consumables, including the potent Golden Root, can be used for focus point recovery as well.

Moreover, certain traits like Deep Thinker grant a full focus restoration upon level-up. When characters level up, they always receive a partial or full recovery of focus points, with the extent depending on the difficulty level and their maximum focus.

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