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For the King 2: How to Gain Extra Movement Turns



FTK 2 - Extra Movement Turns

Movement Turns are crucial for each turn in the overworld as you and your party have to constantly travel the world for either main quests or side quests. Each class in your squad has a limited number of movement turns which decide their fate for the next turn. However, you can earn extra movement turns for all of the characters to save them from their unfortunate fate in the current turn instead of ending the turn to gain back the movement turns.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to gain extra movement turns in For the King 2.

How to Gain Extra Movement Turns in For the King 2

All of the selected characters in your party have a limited number of movement turns that are used to move the characters to the respective number of hexagon tiles. As each character runs out of the movement turn, you will get the option to end the turn to move on to the next character and so on until all the characters have covered some distance in the overworld. Every POI on the overworld requires a turn for your character to interact with it and if you run out of turn, you might have to wait for the next turn which can cost you some time and even start another fight for which you might not be ready.

There is a way to earn extra movement turns for each of your characters by using the Focus Points. Every character has 4 – 5 Focus Points that can be used in various circumstances and one of the crucial ones is during movement in the overworld. Using the Focus Point will earn an extra movement turn for the selected character at the moment and you have the freedom to use all of the Focus Points if you want to move ahead but keep in mind that the Focus Points do not regenerate until you find a safe place. There are other uses of Focus Points as well which will help you throughout the campaign and combat but there are a few scenarios where using Focus Points in movement can save you from harm’s way.

For instance, if your party is in a severe condition and they only require an extra movement turn to get to the Inn or the camp to replenish the wounds, use the focus point to get your characters to safety. So, keep one or two focus points as a reserve for severe conditions.

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