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For the King 2: How to Increase Attack Accuracy in Combat



FTK 2 - Increase Attack Accuracy

Combat in For the King 2 offers a wide new range of features keeping the overall combat aspect of the game fresh for the veteran and the new players. Unlike the original game, For the King 2 allows players to deal the maximum amount of damage to the enemy line almost on every spell and skill to increase their winning chances. However, the damage output of every attack is random but it can be enhanced by increasing the attack accuracy.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase attack accuracy in For the King 2.

How to Increase Attack Accuracy in Combat

The attack accuracy of every class/character is different and varies on where they are playing. For instance, the stablehand will play in the front of the line having more attack accuracy while the herbalist will play in the back having low accuracy but having a guard effect due to a character in front. Every character’s attack will have a possible range of physical damage and magic damage that can be dealt upon use but the damage will be random. To ensure high damage on the enemy over the use of the attack, players can use a Focus Point by right-clicking on the enemy.

Using the Focus Point will increase the Accuracy for all of the characters for the next attack ensuring that the next attack will deal the maximum amount of damage. As Focus Points are limited, players have to use them wisely to save some for more difficult fights. Increasing the accuracy is more rewarding in the case of using the spells as they can hit multiple targets on a single attack with increased accuracy, it can eliminate the complete enemy line with the most damage afflicted.

The accuracy can be enhanced 2 – 3 times but every time it will cost you 1 Focus Point and as Focus Points are not easily regenerated, it is best to save focus points for more severe scenarios ahead in the storyline, especially for encounters.

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