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Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story – Chapter 3: The Chasm Walkthrough



Song of Nunu - Chapter 3 Walkthrough

After forging the Cauldron to enjoy a Stew in front of the entrance of the Winged Mountain in the Plains chapter, Nunu and Willump will make their way inside the mountain in search of The Heart of the Blue. We will be covering the third chapter, The Chasm of Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story.

Chapter 3: The Chasm Walkthrough

The chapter begins after Nunu’s nightmare while walking on the path leading to the Winged Mountain. Willump and Braum wake up Nunu to go ahead but are infiltrated by Lissandra. Braum takes a fall while Nunu and Willump run into the mountain. Walk along the path until you reach the Volibear giant structure and start a snowball fight against Willump. Defeat Willump in the snowball fight and make your way up on the structure to go ahead. Fight the wolves to go ahead and stand on the wooden ramp while Willump pushes you up on the higher ground. Go to the cave entrance and shoot the snowballs to break the roots to bring Willump up.

Enter the cave to go ahead and open the next cave gate by rolling the stone. Proceed along the path until you reach another stone and go to the right side to find a note to power up the stone to open the next door. You will enter the Volibear’s territory and there will be a horn that you need to interact with. It will start a chase sequence in which you have to escape Voilibear as he strikes lightning on you. Slide around to evade the lightning to escape Volibear.

Make the climb to reach the top platform and Volibear will attack you again. Evade the attacks by dodging and staying out of the range of the attacks. Once the ice breaks off the rocks on the right side, shoot a snowball on the root to break the rock on Volibear to end the fight. A cutscene will start in which Volibear tells you about a place called Ramshara and opens up a path for you.

After the cutscene, you will reach Ramshara, Yeti’s old place and you need to find a way to open the gate to Ramshara. There will be two Yeti statues, that you need to align according to the hand gestures behind them. Use the notes in front of every statue to align the hand gestures of the statue on the right side. Now, go to the frozen arm of the Yeti statue to let Willump take the true ice and place it on the other statue’s hand. Play the notes to align the gesture and then do the same thing again to let WIllump place the true ice on the other missing hand.

Play the note for the last time to open the gate to Ramshara. Go ahead and take a slide to reach Ramshara, concluding the Chasm chapter and starting the next chapter.

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