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Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story – Chapter 5: The Citadel Walkthrough



Song of Nunu - The Citadel

After learning the history of Yeti and the location of Heart of the Blue in Ramshara, Nunu and Willump make their way to Citadel in search of Layka and the Heart of the Blue. We will be covering the fifth chapter, the Citadel of Son fog Nunu: A League of Legends Story.

Chapter 5: The Citadel Walkthrough

The final chapter begins after Nunu’s nightmare as he goes out in the blizzard to look for Willump. Finding Willump in the blizzard will start a cutscene in which Nunu gets to talk to Lissandra as she takes Willump away. Braum will come to the rescue and it will start a sliding sequence to get down from the mountain. After reaching down the mountain, play the note to call Kellurel for help. Kellurel will take you to the Citadel to rescue Willump.

Make Way to Dungeon

Make your way ahead along the path until you see two hallways, go to the right side and make your way up to the bridge. Walk slow to make less noise to sneak past the guards. Throw the snowballs on the bell to distract them to make your way ahead. Keep going ahead by distracting the guards until you see Braum fighting the guards and go ahead to see two guards. Walk slowly behind them and climb the wall on the left side before they see you. Go ahead and jump down from the other end and make your way ahead. Distract the guard by shooting at the bell to go ahead and climb your way up to the next bridge.

Repeat the distracting strategy to go ahead to reach a closed gate with a lever nearby. Shoot the snowball on the lever to open the door and make your way ahead. Cross the next bridge by shooting at the lever on the other side to move a wooden platform and then shoot at the bell to cause a distraction to go ahead. Shoot the bell again to distract the guards and shoot the lever to open the door to go ahead.

Howling Abyss

Follow through the path to reach the Howling Abyss and make your way down by climbing. There will be several guards posted on the bridge so walk closely and behind the boxes to get to the climbing ledge on the left side. Make your way ahead and shoot the lever to move the platform with a bell, shoot the bell to distract the guards to go ahead. Repeat it to distract the guards ahead to get to door. Open the first door by shooting the lever once and then shoot it again to open the second door.

As you reach the room, there will be an open way on the left side on the wall. Shoot the snowballs on the chain on the left side to move it towards the chain on the right side, then climb up to the chain to reach the left chain to get out of the room. Make your way ahead by climbing through chains and walls to get up. Distract the guards on the way by shooting at the bells to make your way to the giant chain and climb it to go up. Follow through the path to reach the lock cell in which Willump is captured.

Free Willump

Go to the left side and climb the platform to find a lever. Shoot it move the cells and place them in order to cross it to the other side. Cross to the other side and there will be two levers. Shoot them to pull up a cell with frozen climbing ledges. Place them in order to climb the ledge to make your way close to Willump’s cell. Shoot snowballs at the last cell to swing it and then jump on it to reach Willump. Now, go to Willump and shoot the bottom of his cell to free him.

It will begin a cutscene and a sliding sequence. After the sliding sequence, you will reach a room with weights that you need to use to open the gate. Cross over to the other side by jumping on the first chain to get the true ice and then transfer the true ice to the first chain and then go over to the other side. Take the truce ice from the first chain and then go to the chain near the lever to transfer the true ice to lower it. Reach the lever and shoot it to open the gate.

It will start a cutscene and you will get to push a giant snowball over the bridge to take out all the guards. At the end, you will walk into a cave where you will get to confront Lissandra. Defeat Lissandra in the boss fight to conclude the chapter and watch the ending of the game.

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