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For the King 2: How to Cure All Ailments



FTK 2 - Cure Ailments

Keeping your characters well and healed is one of the crucial things in For the King 2 as the Fahrul world is a treacherous place filled with various deadly creatures who will not hesitate to hunt you and your characters down. Characters can get low on health after a long encounter with the enemies and even catch ailments that will stay on for a few turns or until you remove it by using certain items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to remove all ailments in For the King 2.

How to Cure All Ailments in For the King 2

There are over 10 different ailments that the characters can be inflicted with during combat. Some of the ailments can be cured after 1 turn but some of the ailments will require a certain item or a service of a Healer.

  • Acid: Destroys your equipment at the start of your turns, starting on your second turn, lasting for the whole fight.
    • Cure: Healer at safe town, cost 10 gold.
  • Bleeding: Chance to deal damage at the end of each turn during the fight.
    • Cure: Panax
  • Burning: Deals a small amount of damage at the end of each turn. Can be removed by the Frozen effect.
    • Cure: Frozen and Panax
  • Confused: Character acts randomly, using items, changing equipment, or fleeing.
    • Cure: Use Cure Special Skill
  • Cursed: Character receives a large penalty to a specific stat. Cannot be removed naturally. Must be cured.
    • Cure: Hag’s Bane, Precious Pearl, and Priest.
  • Dazed/Stunned: Delays target’s next turn, preventing dodging for a short time. Duration varies with the type of Daze used (Stun, Daze, Unconscious).
    • Cure: Automatically cures after 1 turn.
  • Death Mark: Results in instant death after several turns. Can only be avoided by ending the battle.
    • Cure: Win the fight
  • Fleeing: Enemy attempts to flee on the next turn.
    • Cure: Automatically cures after 1 turn.
  • Frozen:  Character takes 25% more damage and can remove certain effects, like Burning.
    • Cure: Healer, Panax
  • Petrified: Character is turned to stone, unable to act until attacked or the effect wears off, lasting up to 3 turns.
    • Cure: Use Cure Special Skill, Precious Pearl
  • Poisoned: Reduces stats and deals damage at the end of each turn. Can stack. Reduces 1 stack at the end of the duration.
    • Cure: Panax, Cure Special Skill, Firesilk, Precious Pearl
  • Scared: Character automatically flees or hides on the next turn if fleeing isn’t possible.
    • Cure: Precious Pearl
  • Shocked: First roll is an automatic miss for a short time. Can be overcome with Focus points.
    • Cure: Precious Pearl, Panax, Focus, automatically cures after 1 turn.
  • Wet: Removes immunities and certain effects for a short time.
    • Cure: Cure Special Skill, Panax, Precious Pearl

If you are out of certain items then you can always visit a healer in the safe town to cure all of the ailments for a cost of 10 Gold and if the items are available but are in the inventory of another character, don’t forget that you can transfer items among characters to help each other out.

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