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For the King 2: How to Transfer Items and Gold Among Characters



FTK - Transfer Items

For the King 2 is a tabletop turn-based RPG where keeping your characters alive will allow you to continue the adventure in the overworld. Having a proper gear and useful items as Lockpicks and healing items on every character can turn the tides into your favor. However, as every turn has a roll check on a certain character, there is a possibility that the character might not have the item needed to get through. That is why players must learn the mechanic to transfer items among the characters to make each character worthy in the adventure.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to transfer items and Gold among characters in For the King 2.

How to Transfer Items and Gold Among Characters in For the King 2

There are several classes in For the King 2 that you will get to unlock by progressing in the main story as well as completing certain activities in the overworld. However, you can only take up to 4 characters in total and share stuff among them whenever needed. Speaking of sharing stuff, you can transfer items of one character to other in the overworld. If you are in combat or traversing through dungeon, you will not be able to transfer items. The items can be transferred among the characters who are close to each other in the overworld. When you are in the overworld and the character are next to each other, you can transfer items by the following steps.

  • Select the Loadout icon located on the bottom right corner of the screen to open the loadout of the character whose turn is currently active.
  • Select any tab of the loadout to see which items the character holds and then select an item to view the option to transfer it.
  • The transfer list will show the characters that are nearby to whom you can transfer the items.
  • Select the character to transfer the item without costing a turn.

The characters who are far will be promoted with ‘Too Far’ meaning they are ineligible to transfer with due to distance. You must move them close to transfer the items with them.

Apart from the items in the loadout, you can also choose to share the Gold among the characters. To do so, you need to open the loadout and select the bar with Gold amount. It will open a menu with a slider that you can use to set a gold amount that you want to share among the selected characters.

Sharing the gold among the characters can be useful for getting services in the safe towns such as removing curses from the Priest or ailment from the Healer.

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