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For the King 2: How to Unlock All Traits



FTK2 - Unlock all traits

Venturing through the Fahrul world in For the King 2 will test your all sorts of strategies both in combat and during overworld encounters which are necessary to overcome for progressing in the campaign. However, players can increase their chances of survival by having an additional passive bonus which can help them both in combat and overworld encounters. These additional passive bonuses can be earned by unlocking and equipping the Traits in the characters’ loadouts.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock all traits in For the King II.

How to Unlock All Traits in For the King 2

For the King 2 offers 8 different traits that offers a chance to learn new skills, increase stat points, and grant a passive bonus during combat or in overworld. To unlock every trait, players must complete its requirement in the playthrough. Some of the traits are unlocked as you progress through the chapters whereas, some of the traits require certain actions performed in combat or in overworld. The method to unlock every trait is described down below.

  • Tactician: You get this skill by dealing lots of critical hits or high damage. It lets you learn Tactics.
  • Nimble: You unlock this by moving at least 4 squares in one turn. It gives you an extra action.
  • Gifted: Beat the Bandit Den in the second area to unlock this. It boosts all your stats by 3 points.
  • Deep Thinker: Use 8 or more Focus in one turn to get this. It teaches you Eureka and adds 1 Focus point.
  • Lucky: Find the Skeleton Key, use it to open a secret room, and you’ll gain 25 extra Luck.
  • Eager: You get this by completing Chapter 2. It increases the chance to strike first in combat by 25% and lets you learn Eager.
  • Navigator: You get this during Chapter 3 before buying the boat. It gains you additional movement while on the boat and lets you learn Navigator.
  • Supportive: You get this in Chapter 3 after buying the boat. It lets you learn Support Range.

After unlocking the Traits, you will find them in the Lore Store that can be accessed from the main menu of the game. As there are only 5 chapters in the whole campaign, you will be able to unlock all of the traits by the end of Chapter 3. It gives you an advantage of test out the traits on the characters to see which one fits for your playthrough.

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