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For the King 2: How to Get Skelly Key & Where to Use it



FTK 2 - Skelly Key

Completing the initial Resistance chapter will require you to go through various areas to progress ahead in the main campaign. Not all main quests are straight forward as some of them will require key items for the quests to complete and one of the early ones require is the Skelly Key required for the Sewers mission.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Skelly Key and where to use it in For the King 2.

How to Get Skelly Key

To get the Skelly key in For the King 2 for the sewers mission, you need to progress ahead until you reach the sewers location. Once there, go through rooms of the dungeon to come across a Goblin Merchant. Goblin will sell you the Skelly Key for 100 Gold. It is a quest item so, you must get it to progress ahead in the campaign. If you don’t have the required money yet, then engage with enemies in the overworld and defeat them to earn Gold to get the Skelly key.

Where to Use the Skelly Key

Once you have bought the Skelly Key, it will unlock a new objective for you to make your way to a Boogey dungeon named ‘Boogey’s Crypt’. Follow through the quest to make your way to the Boogey dungeon and upon reaching the last room of the dungeon, use the Skelly key to open the door to find a Party room with a chest inside it.

Loot the chest to earn some Lore Books, gear items, and a ‘Lucky’ trait. Lucky trait is one of the useful traits in the game as it increases the Luck stat by 25 allowing you to roll more positive check on each turn.

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