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For the King 2: How to Get Lore Books



FTK 2 - Lore Books

For the King 2 is a tabletop turn-based RPG with roll check mechanic offering an exciting adventure in the world of Fahrul. As players start with four characters, they will get to equip various consumables and gear items along with traits that will help them in their adventure. However, to get more of the items, traits, and locations, you must get Lore Books which work as a currency in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Lore books in For the King 2.

How to Get Lore Books in For the King 2

The base currency in For the King 2 is Gold which is used to get services like Inn, camp, healer, and priest and buy items from the merchants but if you want to get more items, unlock traits, and unlock new locations on the overworld, you need to use Lore Books. Players will start with 5 Lore Books for each character at the start of the game which are used to equip weapons, armor, items, and traits but as players progress ahead, they must have required number of Lore Books for each new item to equip.

To get the Lore Books in For the King 2, there are two ways, completing quests and completing dungeons. Quests are the main way to get Lore Books but not all quests offer Lore Books as a reward. Only a number of quests give Lore Books as a reward but you can get Lore Books from every chest at the end of the dungeon. There are several dungeons scattered across the world of Fahrul that you can enter to complete every room of the dungeon to get to the grand chest in the last room to get 5 – 8 Lore Books.

The best use for Lore Books is to get items and unlock more locations on the overworld. As items are needed for various purposes such as healing and cure for ailments, unlocking locations will reveal more of the hex tiles on the overworld allowing you to seek structures like Sanctum and even more hidden dungeons.

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