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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Crossbow




As players explore the island, they will get all kinds of weapons for every range. There are melee weapons, guns, and bows that can be found in the game. Players will be able to craft a bow with the resources but the crafted bow is not that powerful. However, players can find a Crossbow at the specific location in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a Crossbow in Sons of the Forest.

Crossbow Cave Location

Crossbow can be found in one of the underground hatches on the island. The hatch in which Crossbow can be found can only be accessed through a cave. The cave can be found on the Western side of the map and there will be a golf cart outside the cave.

Inside the cave, you will found a hatch “Food and Dining” in which you will have to open a locked door. The locked door can only be opened with the Maintenance Keycard.

Crossbow Cave Location

Getting Crossbow

Once you have obtained the Maintenance Keycard, you will be able to collect the Crossbow for yourself. You need to go to the Cave location which will be shown on your GPS Tracker. Go inside the cave and open the hatch to go inside. Interact with the door to use the keycard on the scanner to unlock the door.

Enter the conservatory and you will see blood on the floor as you go ahead. You need to follow the blood trail to get to the Crossbow. Enter the second room ahead and you will see the blood trail will go in between one of the lanes of plants. Go to the body at the end and you will find the Crossbow right next to the body.

Crossbow Location

You can also find the Crossbow Bolts on the wall in front of the body as well as in the next room. You can also pick up the crossbow bolts after shooting them just like in your regular bow.

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