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Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Solafite Upgrader



Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Solafite Upgrader

Sons of the Forest’s full version of the game has several new structures in the game which will help you both in survival and progression of the game. One of the essential structures which is required for opening the gold door at the end of the game is Solafite Upgrader as it is used to upgrade the Ancient Armor. Without upgrading the Ancient Armor, players will not be able to unlock the gold door so, players must get the upgrader and build it to upgrade the Ancient Armor.

This guide will provide you the information about where to get the Solafite Upgrader and how to use it in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get the Solafite Upgrader in Sons of the Forest

The Solafite Upgrader is one of the new structures in the game and before players get to build it, they must find its blueprint to unlock its recipe in the Notebook. To find the Solafite Upgrader Blueprint, players will have to enter a small cave located Southwest of the Gold Course. The exact location of the cave is shown in the image below.

However, before you enter the cave to find the blueprint, you must have a Rebreather in your inventory. Now, that you are fully hooked up on the location and the tools needed to get the blueprint of Solafite Upgrader, follow the path mentioned below.

Path to Get the Solafite Upgrader

Interact with the rope to descend into the cave and then follow the path ahead to come to running water. Follow the water and then go to the right side to safely go down to the bottom and then dive into the water. Keep swimming in the forward direction to come out of the other end. Go to the path on the left side as you come out of the water and follow it to reach a barricaded path. Break the wooden planks with an axe and the blueprint will be placed on the ground beside the rocks just before the rope.

After getting the Blueprint, you can follow the path back to exit the cave.

How to Use the Solafite Upgrader

To use the Solafite Upgrader, you must first build it by opening the Notebook and selecting its recipe. After that, you need to contribute all the required materials to the structure to complete building it. It will require the following materials to build it.

  • 4x Golf Cart Batteries
  • 3x Turtle Shells
  • 7x Stones
  • 11x Sticks
  • 3x Wires

Upon building the Solafite Upgrader, you will be able to place various weapons and tools along with a couple of armor types in it to upgrade them. Placing down a weapon and tool will require 6x Solafite Ore as a resource and as you interact with the battery to switch it on, it will spawn a storm attracting a mutant wave to your location.

You must survive the mutant wave to collect your upgraded equipment from the Solafite Upgrader. Furthermore, upgrading the Ancient Armor will require 12x Solafite Ore instead of 6 so, make sure that you have enough Solafite to upgrade it.

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