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Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Ancient Armor



Sons of the Forest - How to Get the Ancient Armor

The full-release version (1.0) of Sons of the Forest has several changes regarding the locations of essential items and end-game story progression. One of the main changes that were made is the new location of Golden Armor which is currently known as Ancient Armor in the game. Additionally, the Ancient Armor alone is not enough to get you across through the final gate as it needs to be upgraded using the Solafite Plating structure.

This guide will guide you through how you can get the Ancient Armor in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Ancient Armor in Sons of the Forest

The Ancient Armor is located inside the Cultist Cave which can be found at the bottom of the snowy mountain on the eastern side. Before you head in make sure that you have Rebreather in your inventory as you are going to need it for swimming across the cavern areas. As you follow through the path to the Ancient Armor mentioned below, you will reach a spaceship where you find the Ancient Armor along with a piece of the Artifact.

Path to Get the Ancient Armor

Break the wooden planks to enter the cave and continue along the right side to go through a small opening. As you go through the opening, stick to the right side and you will eventually come across a Solafite area. Go inside the area and there will be an underwater passage right after the area. Equip the Rebreather and get into the water to swim across to the other side.

Continue straight as you come out of the water and then jump on the rocks to go ahead. Now, turn left and continue ahead to jump into the water to swim briefly ahead. You will reach a room with more Solafite and a rope that will take you up. Interact with the rope to go up and reach the Golden Passage. As you go along the golden passage, you will face a new mutant named ‘Legsy’.

After dealing with the mutant, continue ahead and stick to the right side to eventually get to a barricaded path. As you break the wooden planks, you will slide down the slope. Get out of the water and continue ahead by following the glowing light of Solafite. Turn left from here and keep following along the path to come across another barricaded path. Break the wooden planks and take the rope down to traverse through another underwater passage.

As you resurface yourself, go ahead toward the Solafite and look to the right to find a small opening. Go through it and follow along the path to enter an area with lightning and a spaceship. Climb up the spaceship from the front side and make your way to the back of the ship to find an entrance. Break the wooden planks and enter the ship to make your way to the cockpit.

Here, you will find the base of the Artifact along with the Ancient Armor. Make sure to pick up both of the items. Upon getting the armor, make sure that you upgrade it using the Solafite Plating structure to become eligible to open the Golden Door to proceed to the end-game phase.

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