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Sons of the Forest: How to Get to the Entertainment Bunker



Sons of the Forest: How to Get to the Entertainment Bunker

The remote island in the Sons of the Forest offers several bunkers scattered across the island some of which are tied to the main story progression while others are for exploration and finding essential items and tools. One of the bunkers that are tied to the main story progression is the Entertainment Bunker as it holds a Guest Card which is needed for unlocking the Surveillance Room for the end-game progression.

However, getting to the Entertainment Bunker has its own hustle which players must overcome to get the Guest Keycard and all the precious loot that they can find. This guide will provide all the information on how to get to the Entertainment Bunker in Sons of the Forest.

Where is the Entertainment Bunker Located

The Entertainment Bunker is located on the western side of the island. Its entrance is located inside a cave that follows a hallway leading to a room including a 3D Printer, arrows, and bolts. Going to the left of the room will make you reach another hallway where you will find a double door at the end which leads to the Entertainment Bunker. The exact location of the Entertainment Bunker is shown in the image below.

How to Enter the Entertainment Bunker

The Entertainment Bunker is reached by opening the double door at the end of the hallway for which you need the Maintenance Keycard. The Maintenance Keycard is found inside the Maintenance A bunker located on the northeast side of the island. Once you have the keycard, you will be able to enter the Entertainment Bunker featuring a gym, a pool, and a spa section at first glance. However, the rest of the bunker has a large hallway that will take you to the bar, a nightclub, a small cinema, and another locked door requiring a Guest keycard to unlock.

Exploring the Entertainment Bunker will let you find the following essential items.

  • Guest Keycard
  • Guitar
  • Shotgun Rail
  • Electric Chainsaw

While exploring the bunker, be aware of the Twins enemy roaming around the hall. Make sure to take them out to continue exploring the bunker. Once you are done looting the bunker, you will be able to leave it through the main entrance or you can leave it by a door near the lounge area which will lead to a cave and then to the surface.

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