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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Pickaxe



Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Pickaxe

Pickaxe is one of the essential tools in Sons of the Forest as it allows you to mine Solafite Ores which are used for upgrading tools and weapons as well as using the Artifact. As Artifact was one of the biggest mysteries in Sons of the Forest which now has been solved in the full v1.0 of the game, players will now need more Solafite Ores than ever to use the Artifact in various ways.

However, players must first get the Pickaxe to mine all the Solafite for the weapons and the artifact, and this guide will walk you through how exactly you can get it in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find Pickaxe in Sons of the Forest

The Pickaxe is located inside the Solafite Cave located in the northeast of the island. It is the same cave where players can find a piece of the Artifact as well. You can find the cave’s exact location in the image below.

Path to Pickaxe

Upon reaching the cave entrance, interact with the rope to descend into the cave. Follow the path ahead to find water streams. Follow the water to the right side and you eventually come across an open path inside the water. Here, you need to use the Rebreather to swim across the underwater passage.

The underwater passage is straightforward so, it shouldn’t be a problem to get across. Once you have resurfaced, turn to the left side and follow the path to find a barricaded path. Here, if you break the wooden planks and follow the path ahead, you will reach the Artifact Room but if you look to the opposite side of the barricaded path, there is a path following a waterslide that will take you to the Pickaxe.

Head along the path to reach the waterslide and you will drop into the water below. Now, dive into the water, go through the hole below, and keep following the path while staying on the right side. Upon coming out of the water, go past the wooden planks and then back again into the water on the left side. Keep going forward while swimming and you will see hanging bodies as you come out of the water.

Now, take the path on the left side and you will reach a Solafite Deposit with a Pickaxe stuck on it. Grab the Pickaxe to put it in the inventory or you can use it to mine some of the ores.

Exit the Cave

To exit the cave after finding the Pickaxe, follow the path ahead until you reach a rope. Use the rope to go up. Continue ahead to find a drop in the water. Jump down and continue ahead to come along another rope. Use the rope to go up and then straight ahead to squeeze out of the cave.

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