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Sons of the Forest: How to Befriend Virginia



Sons of the Forest: How to Befriend Virginia

Surviving and exploring the remote island on which you have crashed at the beginning of the Sons of the Forest, you will come to discover several valuable items along with one of your crew members named Kelvin. As you and Kelvin go on an adventure to find a way to get off the remote island, you will start witnessing a mutant girl named Virginia.

Virginia is a friendly mutant with three arms and three legs who will start coming to address you from time to time as you go on your daily adventures on the island. She isn’t threatening nor trying to harm you in any way but you might be wondering how you can befriend her and add her to your crew so that you can have more help from the crew when you stumble upon any cannibals or mutants.

This guide will walk you through how you can befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest.

How to Befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Virginia has a hidden friendship system which slightly increases with every encounter that you have with her in the meaning of not harming her in any way. When you see Virginia approaching you, don’t react in any way, and holster all of your weapons by pressing the G button. Keep on doing what you are doing and she will run away automatically.

Upon every successful encounter, the friendship meter will go up and as soon as you reach the full sentiment with her, you will unlock the achievement named “Chivalry is Not Dead” indicating that she fully trusts you now and you will be able to interact with her and give her clothes, items, weapons, etc. However, there are still several steps that you should consider following if you wish to befriend her quickly.

  • Don’t chase her. It is by far the most important step that you should consider following as she will feel threatened very quickly when you start chasing her.
  • Holster all of your weapons when she is approaching you.
  • Continue on with your adventure and let her stalk you.
  • If she starts dancing, watch her.
  • If she points at a threat like a cannibal or a mutant nearby, eliminate the threat.
  • If the enemies attack her and she gets knocked down, approach her to revive her.
  • Lastly, while you are in your camp, light up the campfire or build torches around your camp. She likes to sit near fire so she will approach your camp and join you in the gathering.

Befriending Virginia is indeed a slow procedure but yet a rewarding one. As there isn’t any specific place to find her and she approaches you on her own throughout the day, you need to be calm whenever she is around to swiftly increase the sentiment with her.

Upon befriending Virginia, you can give her clothes to wear and if you give her weapons like a Pistol and a Shotgun, she will use the weapons to defend you against any threat. Furthermore, there is a completely new ending bound to her if you keep her alive throughout the whole game.

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