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Sons of the Forest: How to Use the Artifact



Sons of the Forest - Use the Artifact

The Artifact has been one of the biggest mysteries in Sons of the Forest in recent patches and with the full release of the game v1.0, the mystery has been finally solved and players will be able to use the Artifact for multiple purposes. It can be used for turning anything physical item into a gold item, teleportation, scaring/attracting enemies, and generating Solafite.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how you can use the Artifact with all of its functions in Sons of the Forest.

How to Use the Artifact in Sons of the Forest

To use the Artifact in Sons of the Forest, players will first have to craft it using the base of the Artifact and its six pieces. The Artifact’s pieces are scattered across the island in various caves that players can find while exploring the caves. Upon gathering all the pieces of the Artifact and the base, players can open the inventory to combine the pieces and the base to craft the Artifact.

Once players have crafted the Artifact, they will be able to use it for the following actions.

  • Turning Items into Gold
  • Teleportation
  • Attract/Repel the enemies
  • Generate Solafite Ores

All of these actions are done using the Artifact but each action will cost 1x Solafite Ore so having Solafite is crucial for undertaking any of the Artifact’s functions.

Turn Items into Gold

Turning items into gold is one of the primary functions of the Artifact and it does not require any kind of blueprint. It is its default function and you only need to load Artifact with Solafite Ores and press the LMB while looking at an item you wish to turn into a gold item. This function is greatly essential for increasing the durability of your base structures and items because turning the items into gold will also enhance their durability. However, turning each item into gold will cost one Solafite Ore so, make sure that you have Solafite for each item and structure to make your ordinary base into a gold base.


Teleportation is one of the newly added features in the latest patch of the game and it can only be done using the Artifact. To perform the teleportation, players will first have to build a Teleporter Platform for which they have to find its blueprint. Upon getting the blueprint for the Teleporter, players will be able to build it using the following materials.

  • 8x Skulls
  • 50x Bones
  • 33x Stones

Once players have built the Teleporter, they will have to first activate it by pressing the RMB while looking at it with Artifact being equipped. The Teleporter will activate with electricity circulating around it meaning it is functioning. Now, to teleport, you just simply have to press the LMB while holding the Artifact and it will teleport you to the Teleporter. You can teleport back to the location of the Teleporter from anywhere on the island and each time you teleport back to the Teleporter, it will cost you 1x Solafite Ore.

Attract/Repel Enemies

Attracting and Repelling the enemies in Sons of the Forest will require you to use the Artifact on a respective Shrine. Meaning, for repelling enemies away will require a different shrine than attracting enemies. However, before players get to use the Artifact to either Attract or Repel enemies by building the respective Shrines, they will first have to find their blueprints. Upon getting the blueprints, they will have to craft the Shrines using the following materials.

Attract Shrine

  • 24x Bones
  • 11x Skulls
  • 10x Stones

Repel Shrine

  • 49x Bones
  • 6x Skulls
  • 7x Stones

After building the Shrines, players will be able to use them by activating them. Activating the Repel Shrine will raise the Terror of the humanoid enemies which will make them flee from the designated area and the Attract Shrine will lower the Terror of the enemies making them come to the designated area.

However, activating the Repel Shrine will cost you 6x Solafite Ores which will keep the enemies away for quite some time whereas, the Attract Shrine doesn’t cost any Solafite Ore.

Generate Solafite Ores

Another function that can be done by using the Artifact is generating the Solafite Ores without going inside the caves to mine the Solafite Nodes. To do so, you need to build and activate the Attract Shrine. As the electricity circulates the shrine, it will gradually produce Solafite Ores beside the skulls on the shrine. During this process, there will be enemies that will come to the designated area so be prepared to fight them off until your Attract Shrine fills up with Solafite Ores.

That is all the functions for the Artifact for now that players can use in the Sons of the Forest and there might be a possibility that more structures relevant to Artifact added to the game in the future patches.

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