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Sons of the Forest: Where to Find the Attract Shrine Blueprint



Sons of the Forest - Attract Shrine Blueprint

Version 1.0 of The Sons of the Forest has several new blueprints that players will be able to find which will help them build new structures. One of the new blueprints in the game is the Attract Shrine which will allow players to attract enemies/mutants to a designated area in which the Attract Shrine is built and generate Solafite Ores over time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Attract Shrine blueprint in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Attract Shrine Blueprint in Sons of the Forest

The Attract Shrine blueprint can be found inside Cellar F, a small cave located on the western side of the island along the shore. You can easily reach this cellar by using the Hang Glider located on the mountain on the west side of the island. Equip the glider and continue on towards the shore to find the cellar.

Upon reaching the shore, you will come across a series of fences around the cellar’s entrance and conveniently, one of the fences will be broken through which you can continue on to the cellar’s entrance and use the axe to break the wooden planks to enter the cave. Continue on the path in the cave to get past the crosses and hanging skeletons and eventually, you will reach a dead end where you will find the Attract Shrine blueprint beside the skulls.

Pick up the blueprint to unlock the recipe for Attract Shrine in the Notebook which you will be able to build using the following materials.

  • 24x Bones
  • 11x Skulls
  • 10x Stones

All of these materials are easy to obtain, found both on the island and inside the caves. So make sure to gather the materials while exploring the island and the caves to have all the required materials.

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