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Starfield: How to Get Sealant



Starfield: Sealant

There are various resources scattered throughout the different systems in Starfield that players can explore and find in their playthroughs. As resources are required for crafting useful items or research projects, players must mine the resources to unlock new recipes for items, weapons, gear, and outposts. One of the useful resources for research projects and upgrading Weapons and Spacesuits is Sealant.

Looking to know where you can find Sealant in Starfield, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in finding the Sealant in Starfield.

How to Get Sealant in Starfield

Sealant is one of the most useful resources in Starfield, especially for the players who want to invest their time in researching new projects and upgrading their character’s gear. There are different methods that you can approach to get Sealant.

  • Harvest it from the plants and animals.
  • Buy it from vendors.
  • Loot settlements on Planets.
  • Loot enemies’ bodies.

To harvest the Sealant, you will have to go to a planet that has Fauna and Flora, meaning plant and animal life exists on it. One of the best Planets to find Sealant is Sumati in the Narion System. Open the Spacemap to find the Narion System and select the Sumati planet in it. Use the cursor to find a location that has a forest and then set a landing target on the location to land. Once you are there, you will be able to harvest the Sealant by using the scanner and interacting with the following two plants.

  • Abyss Pine Seedling
  • Fallen Star Palm

Finding these plants is time-consuming and it will take a while for you to get a decent number of Sealants by harvesting the plants.

Best Way to Get Sealant in Starfield

The best way to get Sealant in Starfield is by buying it from the vendors. There are various vendors scattered around the major cities from whom you can buy Sealant. You can buy over 20 Sealants at a time from the vendors for 6 Credits each.

Another way to get Sealant is by looting the enemies’ bodies. Most of the time the enemies do have Sealant in their loot so, it is always beneficial to loot the bodies. If you are exploring a planet and you come across any structure or settlement, make sure to explore it to find chests from which you can find Sealant as well.

That is all related to how to get Sealant in Starfield.

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