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Tears of the Kingdom: How to Defeat Colgera (Boss Fight)



How to Defeat Colgera in Tears of the Kingdom

Colgera is one of the main bosses in the game that players will have to defeat in order to progress in the main story of the game. He is the first main story boss that you will fight on Wind Temple. Once you have Unlocked all Locks of Wind Temple, Colgera will come out of the hatch of Wind Temple and the boss fight will start. Colgera is a giant flying ice creature that you will have to defeat while gliding in the air.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Colgera in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Defeat Colgera in Tears of the Kingdom

As Colgera is the first main story boss, he is pretty easy to defeat once you have learned and mastered the gliding technique in the wind blizzard. Once the hatch opens, you will constantly fly if you press the X Button and that is what you have to do while fighting Colgera. You need to deal damage to Colgera by breaking the ice part on his body. There are three ice parts on his whole body and you need to break them by shooting arrows while in the air.

In order to get close to Colgera’s Ice Body Parts, wait for him to get directly in front of you or above you. Use your Glider to get near him and as you get near, hold the ZR Button to aim at the ice and shoot 3 Arrows to break the ice. As the ice breaks, you will have to shoot another arrow to hit the shining item inside the ice. By doing this, it will take away a portion of his HP.

Now, Colgera only has a couple of attacks that you can easily dodge. One of his attacks is Teleportation. He will constantly teleport to change his position and in order to easily dodge the attack, you can just return back to Wind Temple. Don’t open your glider until he is above you and when you get the opportunity, you get back to shooting his ice body parts.

Once you have depleted half of his HP, he will start making wind tornados. You need to dodge them by using the Wind Gust ability of Tulin. You can also get back to the Wind Temple but tornados can hit you on the deck as well so, you will have to dodge it either way. You need to get in the air as soon as you see him coming out of a portal. It is the perfect time to completely break the ice part and destroy the shining item inside the ice.

How to Defeat Colgera in Tears of the Kingdom

Another important thing that you need to keep an eye on is the Cold Resistance. If you are wearing a full armor that resists the Cold then you are fine but if you are not then make sure that you have enough Food Items that can resist the Cold during the Boss Fight. You can also check our guide on how to make Cold Resistance Food for more assistance.

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