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The origins of Lady Dimitrescu, the sensation of Resident Evil Village



How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu's three daughters in Resident Evil 8 Village

Who is Alcina Dimitrescu? We delve into Japanese legends and Hungarian aristocracy to discover the inspirations behind the character who has stolen the hearts (and blood) of Resident Evil Village fans.

If you have visited the Internet in the last few days, it is impossible that you do not know her: she is wearing a dress almost as white as her skin, she has a terrifying smile and is about three meters (approximately). We are talking, of course, about Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the villain of Resident Evil Village who has only taken a few seconds on screen (literally) to conquer the entire community.

Of course, perhaps the effect she’s achieving is the exact opposite of what Capcom was trying to make us feel (or maybe not?), but whether you’re terrified of her or dream of her stepping on you, it’s clear that Lady Dimitrescu has every chance of becoming one of the most iconic villains in the Resident Evil series.

At first glance, everything points to her being a vampire, especially if we take into account the clues left by the Maiden demo, the encounter with one of her daughters (who also has a good legion of fans), or the fact that Resident Evil Village is based on European folklore. But what is really behind Lady Dimitrescu, and what materials have Capcom’s artists used to design her?


And first, we have to go to the source of it all: Japan. There, among all the urban legends that exist about spirits (or yokais), one of the most popular refers to the Hachishakusama, a name that could be translated as “two and a half meters tall”. This detail immediately makes us think of Lady Dimitrescu, but it doesn’t end there.

Her appearance is also very similar to that of the villain in Resident Evil 8 Village, as she is often described as a woman with long black hair wearing a white dress and hat. She is also said to have a deep, almost masculine voice and continuously repeats a “po po po po po po” sound.

Legend has it that the Hachishakusama spies on young children, chasing them for days (or even months), and the moment she stops… she abducts him to take him away from his family and eventually murder him. If she has served as an inspiration for Lady Dimitrescu, the latter may give us a clue as to her role as an enemy in the game: will she relentlessly pursue Ethan throughout the story? Is Lady Dimitrescu the Mr. X/Nemesis of Resident Evil Village?

Erzsébet Báthory

And if you found that disturbing, wait until you hear about the inspiration based on a real character: Erzsébet Báthory was a Hungarian noblewoman who lived from 1560 to 1614. As well as being part of one of the most influential families of the time, Erzsébet has become known as the murderess who took the most lives in the history of mankind.

And no, we are not talking about a legend or a myth: nearly 300 people testified about Erzsebet’s cruel practices which included beatings, burns, mutilation of limbs and biting the skin off the face, arms, and other parts of the body, and she is suspected of practicing cannibalism. Victims were often young girls, aged between 10 and 14.

She was arrested in December 1610 together with four servants (Dorotya, Ilona, Katarína, and János) accused of being her collaborators. Mutilated bodies and dead or half-dead imprisoned women were found in her castle. Her punishment? She was sentenced to what today would be house arrest (the laws of the time were… different). She died in her castle, aged 54, but to this day the whereabouts of her body remains unknown.

And hold on, here comes the interesting part: the story of Erzsébet’s tortures and murders grew over the years to become part of the national folklore, acquiring a vampiric aspect along the way.

She was said to bathe in the blood of virgins to preserve her youth, and some believe that the true inspiration behind the Dracula of Bram Stoker’s novel is to be found in Erzsébet Bathory, hence her nicknames such as “Bloody Countess” or “Countess Dracula”. On the other hand, her collaborators have become part of the legend, no longer servants of the castle but three witches in the service of the Countess.

Sound familiar? It’s almost word for word the background of Lady Dimitrescu: a woman with vampiric tendencies who lives in a castle in Romania with three witches and a man (her brother, in the case of Resident Evil Village), and whose hobby is to capture the maidens of the area.

There is no doubt that Capcom has drawn inspiration from the legend of Erzsébet Bathory when creating Lady Dimitrescu.

What did you think, are you looking forward to meeting Lady Dimitrescu in person? Remember that Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7th for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


How does loot actually work in New World? A developer explains it very precisely



How does loot actually work in New World? A developer explains it very precisely

The streamer DrLupo had the chance to speak to a developer from New World and to have the loot system explained to him. It explains exactly how you get items and why the loot sometimes fluctuates so.

How does loot work? When it comes to looting, New World relies on a special system. Because every armor slot and every weapon slot remembers how good your previous loot was and on this basis, you have a chance of better equipment.

The developer explains the system using the following example:

  • If you have an opponent at level 62 who drops a sword with an armor value of 510, then the weapon slot knows from now on that your maximum armor value there is level 510. For other slots, however, there is a different maximum set-up value, depending on the drops.
  • However, you do not have to put on or wear the weapon or armor for this. The system remembers the value anyway.
  • From now on you have a small chance of finding an item with a higher armor value. Whenever you get a weaker item than level 510, your chances of getting an item with a higher armor value increase.
  • However, there is a cap with the monsters. Level 61 opponents can drop equipment up to equipment value X, and level 62 opponents up to Y value.
  • Named opponents (elite opponents and bosses) always have a higher chance of stronger equipment.

What does that mean in concrete terms? You can “purposefully” level your armament value over time and at some point have a guaranteed chance of better equipment. However, the system also has a disadvantage.

If you buy good equipment early at the trading post or from the faction dealer, this has NO influence on the item slot. So if you own a weapon with the armor value 510, but so far only got weapons with the value 300, you have to “level up” the armament value until you get better equipment.

So if you only level through crafting and city quests and hardly defeat enemies, you have a weaker loot pool than the one that constantly grinds mobs and dungeons.

Legendary gear is also available through drops

How does the system affect legendary items? Those who want the strongest equipment in New World will sooner or later work on legendary equipment. Here too, knowledge of the loot system now plays an important role.

You can get the 133 legendary weapons in various ways, such as crafting or quests. But many of them can also be obtained as drops from mobs or via boxes.

So if you want to increase the chance of legendary equipment by dropping it, you must already have a high equipment value that has dropped. This is where farming high-level enemies and bosses seem to be most effective.

What else did the developer reveal? In the video, DrLupo also shows a statement about the Azoth staff. Level 5 of this should be fixed with the next patch.

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New World: Player defeats 20 levels higher opponents in PvP – Prove that skill matters



New World: All information about housing and which trophies will bring you the most

The PvP in New World has a reputation that a higher level automatically leads to victory. But a player at level 40 proves that you can win against the really big even as a small player. Because he beat a player at level 60 and posted a video of it.

What can you see in the video? The player Kryptik fought at level 40 against an enemy player at level 60 – and won. He used the weapons rapier and musket, which were not even leveled to the maximum level. His counterpart fought with a heavy war hammer and hatchet.

What is particularly exciting about the fight is that the player had previously announced the victory on Reddit. There it was said in a thread that as a player below level 40 it was impossible to defeat enemies at the max level.

Kryptik denied this, claiming that he could deal with a level 60 player.

Special combo with rapier and trap is celebrated

How did he win? Kryptik uses his evasive roles very cleverly in the fight to avoid the heavy attacks of the hammer.

He also uses a strong combo of the riposte from the rapier followed by the trap from the rifle. Then he switches back to the rapier and the backstab as long as the enemy is stunned.

However, the attacker is a bit clumsy and predictable in the fight. However, this does not detract from the performance of Kryptik.

How do the players react? Kryptik is celebrated for its struggle on Reddit and under the YouTube video. Especially for the combo with rapier and the trap, as well as the generally predictive gameplay:

  • The user redditingatwork praises: “Respect for your knowledge. I could not do it. You would rip my back, haha! “
  • Nippys4 particularly emphasizes the combo: “That was a masterpiece. Especially the combination of stun, the trap and the 180-degree backstab was damn strong. “
  • On YouTube, user jmafia comments: “Posting this video as an answer to the stupid, cynical comment must have felt so good!”

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New World: Guilds use bans as an unfair weapon



New World: Guilds use bans as an unfair weapon

New World relies on a very extensive PvP system that even allows guilds to snatch individual areas from each other. To do this, your own group must of course emerge victorious from the battle. So it all depends on who works better as a team and uses individual character skills more skillfully – at least that’s how it should be.

Currently, however, PvP is being manipulated with unfair means: Like other MMOs, New World has an automatic ban system that allows guilds to decimate the opposing team before the conflict begins.

Players are banned for no reason

The way the unfair procedure works is simple: players in the hostile guild are simply reported as fraudsters for no reason until they are banned from the game for 24 hours. This allows the opposing ranks to be thinned noticeably.

After the blocking period has expired, players can continue to play normally, but by then the damage has already been done and their own guild has been pushed out of the area. One affected guild was hit particularly hard: Half of all members are said to have been missing when the opposing party was on the march.

Other guilds report that their top players in particular were the target of the ban hammer in order to weaken their chances in advance. Accordingly, they are now vehemently calling for a timely fix for this problem.

Error in the system? That’s what the developer says

Apparently, the 24-hour ban is automatically imposed as soon as the affected player has just been reported often enough. According to the developer Windsward, this is not the case. All incoming complaints are therefore examined by employees. And wherever people work, mistakes are made.

Most recently, the community manager NW-Mugsy also commented on the topic of automatic blocking. He stated on the official New World forum:

I would like to apologize for what Moderator_Z said. I’m not sure why he believed we were using bots for clarification, but we’re going to investigate this anomaly.

We use Easy Anti Cheat for people who have been convicted of cheating. Perhaps he was confused about the differences between this method and handling code of conduct reports in-game. I will work with him and the team to ensure that conflicting information is not provided in the future.

The mass bans – whether they are automated or triggered by human hands – are not the only problem that is currently heating the minds of the gamblers: There are already the first cases of fraud in which guild leaders steal gold. The topic of character transfers is also causing discussions, as contrary to previous statements it should not be possible to change regions.

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