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The Past Within: How to Get the Golden Key



The Past Within: How to Get the Golden Key

After putting all of the substances in the cylinder and freeing Albert from the machine, he’ll tell us that we have to find a way out and there is a golden box locked in the left locker that Future needs to open for which he needs the Golden Key.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Golden Key.

Getting the Golden Key

After Albert has broken out of the cylinder. Switch to the locker screen and Albert will come out of the locker and will tell you that they are not done yet. He’ll tell you that they need to find a way out and will tell you to look into his pocket. Click on the pocket and you’ll see a code.

The Past Within: How to Get the Golden Key

Tell the code to Past to enter it into the device. Past needs to enter the code “3XY21Z” in the device. The device will show a note with underlined keywords and Past needs to tell these keywords to the Future so he can encircle them on the blackboard with the chalk. The shapes that Future needs to encircle are the following.

  • Eyes – 6th shape in 2nd row
  • Future – 5th shape in 3rd row
  • Mask – 1st shape in 3rd row
  • Gems – 1st shape in 1st row
  • Cube – 6th shape in 1st row

After encircling the correct shapes in order, a Golden Key will drop down. Pick up the Golden Key and unlock the box locked with a golden lock in the locker.

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