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The Past Within: How to Transfer the Bone Substance



The Past Within: How to Transfer the Bone Substance

As Past and Future progress together further in the second chapter, Past will need to send the substances to the Future so he can put all the substances on the Soul of Albert. The first substance that the Past needs to transfer is the Bone Substance and then the Future needs to put the bones on the Soul.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to transfer the Bone Substance and how the Future needs to place the bones on the Soul in the Past Within.

Transferring the Bone Substance

Once Past got the Tooth Key after solving the Piano Puzzle, Past needs to rotate back to the front of the device and insert the Tooth Key in the Bone Substance lock. Insert the key and rotate it to close the compartment and Past will see different positions of switches. Now, Future needs to switch the side of the room to another big machine from where he’ll get all the substances that Past has collected. Click on the lower compartment of the machine and you’ll see six movable switches. Future needs to ask for the positions of the switches from the Past and set them in the following positions to get the tooth.

  • 1st switch to 3rd block
  • 2nd switch to 1st block
  • 3rd switch to 2nd block
  • 4th switch to 2nd block
  • 5th switch to 1st block
  • 6th switch to 3rd block
The Past Within: How to Transfer the Bone Substance

After placing all the switches in the correct positions, Future will get the Tooth in the machine that Past has sent from the Cubical Device.

Putting Bones on the Soul of Albert

The compartment in which Future got the Tooth also contains the chalk. Future needs to pick up the chalk and go to the blackboard which is on the right side of the lockers. Use the chalk on the Blackboard to draw different shapes and a code on the bottom left. Now, Past needs to rotate the device and enter the code “X3Z1Y2” and a new note will come that has different keywords underlined. Past needs to tell those keywords to the Future and Future needs to use the chalk on the shape of those keywords that he drew on the blackboard. Future needs to circle the shapes in the following order.

  • Coffin – 2nd shape in 1st row
  • Eyes – 6th shape in 2nd row
  • Soul – 4th shape in 3rd row
  • Cube – 6th shape in 1st row
  • Future – 5th shape in 3rd row
  • Bone – 5th shape in 2nd row
  • Flesh – 3rd shape in 2nd row
  • Blood – 3rd shape in 3rd row
bone substance tranfer

After encircling all the correct shapes in the order, the last shape in the 3rd row which is the hammer will come real and you’ll get to pick the Hammer. Now, go back to the machine and use the Hammer on the tooth to break it, and then use the vacuum pipe on the left side to suck all the pieces and transfer it inside the cylinder with Soul of Albert.

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