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The Past Within: How to Transfer Blood Substance



The Past Within: How to Transfer Blood Substance

After transferring the Bone and Flesh Substances to Future, Past needs to Transfer the last Substance which is the Blood Substance. Past needs to find a way to transfer the Blood Substance with the help of Future and then Future needs to put the Blood on the Soul of Albert.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to transfer the blood substance and how to put the blood substance on the soul of Albert in the Past Within.

Transferring the Blood Substance

When Future has put the Flesh on the bones of the soul of Albert, he’ll need to reset the clock and Past needs to place the switches according to the hands of the clock. After the Past has placed the switches, Past will find a Valve that can be placed on the left side of the Blood Substance. Open the valve by rotating it to transfer all the blood from the bottle to a console through pipes on the left side. Pull the lever to open the console and Past will see different shapes on the console.

Future will need to switch through the sides of the room and a butterfly will come in the room from the vent and will throw a locker on a mouse. Click on the mouse to get the key for the locker on the left side. Use the key on the locker to open it and pick up the Valve. Now, switch the sides and go to the big machine where you got the tooth and click on the middle of the machine and place the valve. Rotate the valve to open the cover.

Click on it to zoom in on the console and Future will also have similar things as the Past but the Future’s console has symbols on the buttons and Past’s console has shapes. Both of them have to turn on the machine and the needle on the meter will go to full and gradually goes down but Past and the Future both will have to share the information of the Symbol and Shape they both see on their ends with each other before the needle goes to red. When they successfully press the correct symbol and Shape, they both will have to press the pump above the buttons to reset the timer of the needle. The shapes and the symbols that both of them have to press are in the following order.

Past (Shapes): Butterfly, Eye, Reindeer, Soul, Crow, Heart, Tree, House.
Future (Symbols): 4th button in 1st row, 1st button in 1st row, 3rd button in 1st row, 4th button in 2nd row, 3rd button in 2nd row, 1st button in 2nd row, 2nd button in 2nd row, 2nd button in 1st row.

Putting the Blood on the Soul of Albert

After pressing the buttons in order, the blood will fill in the bag, and then it’ll transfer to the cylinder. Future needs to press the Blood button on the machine to put the blood on their soul of Albert.

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