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The Past Within: How to Find the Missing Gears



The Past Within: How to Find the Missing Gears

After transferring the Bone Substance in the second Chapter, Past will need to transfer the next substance but he’ll have to find the missing gears that are needed to be placed at the back of the device.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Missing Gears in the Past Within.

Finding the Missing Gears

When Past sets the switches to the right position after the Future has put the bones on the Soul of Albert, Past will find a Nut Driver. Past needs to pick up the nut driver and go to the back of the device and open the four nuts with it. He’ll see a mechanism with metal cogs but some metal pieces are missing.

Now, Future needs to zoom out of the machine and he’ll see rats on the floor. Follow the rat to the other side and come back to the machine side, he’ll see that one of the rats goes inside the broken tile. Click on the broken tile and he’ll find a key.

key the past within

Place the key in the Right Locker to open it. There’ll be some blueprints on the top shelf of the locker. In the blueprints, Future will see the three hidden metal cogs. All metal cogs are hidden inside the frame of the device. Past needs to rotate to the front side and one cog is hidden on the left side of the blood substance and one cog is hidden on top of the flesh substance. Switch back to the mechanical side of the device and the last cog will be hidden on the left side inside the frame.

the pastg within

Place all three cogs in the missing metal cogs place and then rotate the handle of the mechanism.

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