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The Past Within: How to Transfer the Flesh Substance



The Past Within: How to Transfer the Flesh Substance

As both of the players progress further in the second chapter, the Past will have to transfer all three substances to the Future. After transferring the Bone Substance and finding the missing gears, the Past will be able to transfer the Flesh substance to the Future.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to transfer the Flesh Substance in the Past Within.

Transferring the Flesh Substance

Once the Past has found all the missing gears for the mechanism behind the device, he needs to place all three cogs in the missing metal cogs place and then rotate the handle of the mechanism. A doll will come down and after clicking on the doll a couple of times, the doll will fell down as well as the hook. Pick up the hook and go to the front side of the device and attach the hook above the flesh substance.

Transferring the Flesh Substance

Now, use the handle on the right to control the hook. Push the handle down to attach the ear with the hook and then push the handle upward to pull up the ear. A new board will appear that has three columns and each column has 5 notches.

flesh substances

Now, Future needs to use the computer on the second shelf of the locker. Press the button to turn on the screen and the computer will ask if the person in the past got the missing gears. Press the down key and Future will see the Hook, Ear, and a diagram of the notches. Future needs to tell the placing of all the notches in the diagram to Past so he can set the notches in the correct positions. Past needs to place the notches in the following order.

  • 5th Notch in 1st Column
  • 2nd Notch in 2nd Column
  • 2nd Notch in 3rd Column
flesh substance the past within

After placing the notches in the correct positions, a new block will appear with arrows that Future has to enter into the computer. Future needs to press the arrows in the following order.

  • Right Arrow
  • Left Arrow
  • Left Arrow
  • Up Arrow
  • Right Arrow
  • Down Arrow
flesh substance the past withiin

After entering the correct arrow keys, the next screen will have a hook in the top left corner and a code written in the bottom left corner. Future needs to tell the code to the Past so he can enter the machine to get the next clue. Past needs to enter the code “Y3X1Z2” into the device and the note will come down with a diagram of the blocks with a correct path on it. The path has three destinations on it. 1, 2, and 3.

flesh substance the past withn

Future needs to control the hook by using the arrow keys and go to all of the destinations in order. Past will have to tell the correct path to the Future and after the Future has gone through all of the three destinations, the ear will come down in the room of the future.

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