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Harvestella: Character Creation



Harvestella: Character Creation

Harvestella is a life simulation role-playing game in which players can create their own character and complete the main story quests, side quests of other characters, build weapons, craft, farm, and much more. When players start the new game of Harvestella, they’ll get to create their own character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to create the character in Harvestella.

Character Creation

Gender & Appearance

Selecting a new game of Harvestella will take you to the Character Creation screen in which you can create your own character according to your liking. In the character creation menu, you’ll see three Gender options.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Non-Binary

All three of these gender options contain 8 different Appearances of the selected gender. Once you’ve selected the gender for your character, you’ll get to choose the appearance of your character. Choose any 1 appearance from the available appearances and press to confirm then you’ll be taken to the next screen where you’ll be able to select a hair color for your character.

Hair Color

You’ll be able to select a hair color for your character from the 12 different colors available. Select the color that you like the most or that suits the appearance of your character then press to confirm and you’ll get to the next screen where you’ll be able to select an eye color for your character.

Eye Color

There are 12 different eye colors available from which you can select any 1 color for your character’s eyes. You can select the eye color that is matching your hair color or the color that you like. Once you’ve chosen the Eye Color, press to confirm to move to the next screen.

Character Voice

The next screen is where you can select the Voice of your character. There are only two available voices in the character selection for now. The first voice is masculine and the second voice is feminine. Select the voice that you like or suits your character and confirm to move it to the next screen.

Choose Name

On the next screen, you’ll be able to name your character with up to 10 letters or you can also keep the default character name which is EIN. Type the name of the character in the Name Bar and press confirm to move to the next screen.

The next screen will be showing the character that you have made and it’ll show the name of the character that you picked and ask you to confirm the character to start the game. Press the confirm key to finish the Character Creation and start the game.

Players can change the outfit of their characters later in the game in the customization section. Players can equip new outfits that they’ll get as they progress through the game.

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