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Harvestella: How to Upgrade Weapons



Harvestella: How to Upgrade Weapons

Harvestella is a simulation game with RPG mechanics as well as combat mechanics. In the world of Harvestella, there are different monsters and enemies that you get to fight in different areas and dungeons. But as you progress in the game, you’ll have to upgrade the weapon to defeat the enemies that are stronger.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade weapons in Harvestella.

Upgrading Weapons

Your character will get a weapon at the start of the game for the early fights in the game but as you progress further in the game, the enemies will start to get difficult and you’ll do very little damage to them with the base weapon. The starting weapon of the game is a sword which is automatically given due to the Fighter Job. You’ll be able to take down the enemies in close range with the weapon but only for a couple of chapters and when your character gets to level 8, you do want to upgrade the weapon because as your character level upgrades and get different buffs in the stats, the monsters, and the enemies also buff up.

To upgrade your weapon, you need to go to the Blacksmith in the Lethe Village. The blacksmith will upgrade your weapons and tools when you go to her shop and interact with her. Her shop is in the middle of the village near the fountain. The Blacksmith shop has an icon of two crossed swords on the map and you’ll easily find it while walking in the village.

Go inside the shop and interact with the blacksmith to get the options of upgrading your weapons and tools. Select the weapon and then select the upgrade option to upgrade the selected weapon. However, you do need to get resources and have enough Grilla to do the upgrade. Every upgrade requires specific materials and Grilla. For example, the very first upgrade of the weapon will require you to get 3x Copper Ore and 500 Grilla. You can find most of the materials in the chests so make sure to open every chest that you find in the world of Harvestella.

Once you’ve all the resources for the upgrade, the upgrade option will turn white and you’ll be able to upgrade the weapon. Each upgrade will require different materials and also cost more so as you start upgrading the weapons, you’ll have to find more materials and earn more Grilla to upgrade the weapons.

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