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Harvestella: How to Increase Inventory



Harvestella: How to Increase Inventory

Harvestella is a simulation game that has a lot of activities like farming, mining, fishing, and much more which makes it a lot of fun and interesting but as players have to do all of these activities, they’ll gather items as well for which they need to store them in the inventory. The bag’s inventory isn’t very spacy so you’ll have to increase the inventory to store more useful items in the bag to use in time of need.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase the Inventory in Harvestella.

Increasing Inventory

At the start of the game, your character has a level 1 backpack that has a total of 16 total spaces in which you can store 16 different which may cause you to drop or sell items to make space for new items. You’ll not have to complete the whole story game with a level 1 backpack as there is a way to upgrade your backpack to increase its space items. However, as you do a lot of farming and mining, you’ll be gathering a lot of different items

As Harvestella has a mechanic for buying different upgrades and skills, you can also buy a new backpack for level 2 and level 3 that have more space than the level 1 backpack. The new backpack can be bought from none other than everyone’s favorite merchant in the whole village, the General Store. General Store is in the Lethe Village with an icon of a Satchel. You can easily find it by looking at the map as well as the mini-map. Go to the store and interact with the merchant to see the list.

The very first item on the list will be the Backpack Level 2 with a price of 500 Grilla. The level 2 backpack has a total slot of 24 slots and you can easily store different types of items in it. After buying the 2nd level of the backpack and leveling up your character in the game, you’ll unlock the level 3 backpack that has a hefty price of 10,000 Grilla. The level 3 backpack has more space than the level 2 backpack and it’ll be useful later in the game to store different types of items.

Increasing your inventory is a very handy investment as it will allow you to store different resources, crops, meals, and items in the backpack and whenever you want to sell them, you can place them in the Shipping Bin to make space in the backpack and earn money.

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