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Harvestella: How to Build Fermenting Barrel



Harvestella: How to Build Fermenting Barrel

Harvestella is a simulation game with a lot of crafting mechanics in which players can craft various machines, items, tools, and weapons. As players will progress further in the game, they’ll get new recipes for different machines and one of the machines that they get to craft is the Fermenting Barrel which is used to make drinks for your character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build Fermenting Barrel in Harvestella.

Building Fermenting Barrel

As you progress through the game and complete the second chapter of the game, you’ll meet a new NPC in the game named Great Fire Faerie which will be protecting your farm from the Quietus. When you help her on your farm, she’ll move to your house and will give you different recipes for machines that you can put on your farm to make your farm more valuable.

The Great Fire Faerie will give you the recipe for Fermenting Barrel which is used to make drinks for your character and you can sell them as well for a decent amount. You can make different vegetables drink in the Fermenting Barrel by putting all kinds of vegetables in the barrel which are freshly harvested from your farm. Faerie will also give you a brief tutorial on the Fermenting Barrel and the recipe will be added to your crafting table.

Now, in order to build the Fermenting Barrel, you’ll need to gather 2x Lumber and 2x Rusty Metal that you can get by mining in the different areas of the Harvestella world. Both of these are common materials and they can be found in the Njord Steppe, Bird’s Eye Brae, Higan Canyon, and the Jade Forest. You can get these materials by mining in different spots in the areas.

Once you’ve got the required materials for Fermenting Barrel, go to your house and interact with the crafting table to see the recipes. Go through the recipes available and select the Fermenting Barrel recipe. The Fermenting Barrel will take 40 minutes to craft and when you select the create option, your screen will get black. The time will skip ahead for 40 minutes and you’ll get the Fermenting Barrel in your inventory.

After building the Fermenting Barrel, place it on your farm and if you have any crop in your inventory then place it in the barrel to make a fresh vegetable drink for your character to regain the energy.

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