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Harvestella: How to Fast Travel



Harvestella: How to Fast Travel

As Harvestella has different areas on its whole map, it is time taking to run across the areas to gather the resources for crafting or other activities. However, Harvestella also has a fast travel mechanic in the game which can be used to teleport within an area and it can save a lot of time.

Fast Traveling

Fast Traveling can be done through the Motus Monolites which are the white spherical crystals spread out in the world of Harvestella. You’ll not get to interact with them until you progress ahead in the story. When you get to the second chapter of the game, you’ll get to explore the first dungeon of the game and you’ll also have a companion in this dungeon named Dianthus who will tell you about the Motus Monolites crystals that can be used to travel through an area without wasting your time running around from one end of the area to the other.

Dianthus will give you a tutorial on how to interact with Motus Monolite and how to use it to travel to other Motus Monolite. Before you get to use it, you need to activate the Motus Monolite and it’ll turn green which means that it can now be used to fast travel to the other Motus Monolite in an area. After activating the Motus Monoloite, you’ll get the following two options.

  • Select Destination
  • Save

The first option will be to choose the destination of the other Motus Monolite on which you want to teleport. When you press the A button key, a list will open of all the available Motus Monolites in the area. Go through the list and select the destination to instantly travel to the selected destination. You’ll not waste any time during the teleportation and it is very helpful to quickly get around the area without wasting energy.

Harvestella: How to Fast Travel

The second option is the save option which is very helpful because, in Harvestella, you can only save by sleeping on the bed in your house meaning you’d have to go through the daily activities of the whole day and when the time comes about to midnight, you’ll go home and save the whole progress of the day. But if you have to save during the middle of the day, you can activate the Motus Monolite and press the B key to save the game.

If you are stuck far away from home in a dungeon and you don’t know your way around the area then you can also use the Return Bell. Return Bell is a consumable item that lets you teleport straight back to your house but you’ll have to craft this item with 3x Monolite Fragment. You can craft this consumable along with other items on your crafting table in your house.

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