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Harvestella: How to Get Monolite Fragment



Harvestella: How to Get Monolite Fragment

Harvestella is a simulation game that has crafting mechanics that let you craft useful items in the game with the materials you gather from the wilderness of Harvestella world. There are a lot of materials in Harvestella that you have to get to craft the machines, tools, weapons, and consumables for your character with the particular recipes. One of the early and most useful materials in the game is Monolite Fragment that’ll be used to craft consumables for your character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Monolite Fragment in Harvestella.

Getting Monolite Fragment

Monolite Fragment is a crystal that you can find early in the game along with other resources like Lumber, Hardstone, and Rusty Metal. As you make progress in the game and get to the first chapter of the game and unlock the house in Bird’s Eye Brae, you’ll start finding the Monolite Fragments. The Mayor of the Lethe Village will also give you Monolite Fragments that can be used to craft a consumable called Return Bell.

Monolite Fragment is the crystal that you find early in the game but the spawn rate of this crystal is relatively lower than the other mining materials that you’ll find in the different areas. Monolite Fragments can be gathered through mining in different locations throughout the map but these crystals can be mined from specific rocks that are just outside your house in Bird’s Eye Brae. These rocks have blueish-green crystals around them and some of these rocks have the option of Mining. If you go close to the rock, you’ll get the mining option and by interacting with it will give you Monolite Fragments, Rusty Metal, and Hardstone.

You can use the Monolite Fragment to craft the Return Bell consumable on your crafting table in your house. Return Bell is one of the most useful consumables as it will teleport back to your house instantly. Make sure to gather the Monolite Fragments and craft Return Bells for your journey in the world of Harvestella to help you in the wilderness.

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