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Harvestella: How to Build Flour Mill



Harvestella: How to Build Flour Mill

Harvestella is a simulation game with a lot of crafting mechanics in which players can craft various machines, items, tools, and weapons. As players will progress further in the game, they’ll get new recipes for different machines and one of the machines that they get to craft is the Flour Mill which is used to make Flour that is used in different cooking recipes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build Flour mills in Harvestella.

Building Flour Mill

As players progress through the main story of the game and complete the 2nd chapter of the game, they’ll meet a new NPC in the game named Great Fire Faerie which will be protecting your farm from the Quietus when you wake up the next morning. Help her get out of the sand on your farm and she’ll move to your house and she’ll give you some Faerie Orders that you can complete and earn different rewards like recipes.

The Faerie Orders contain small tasks like planting 3 seeds or harvesting 3 Wheat crops etc. You need to complete 3 Faerie Orders to get a recipe for Flour Mill from Great Fire Faerie. The Flour Mill machine is used to make Flour from the Wheat that you’ll put inside the machine. Flour is a very useful ingredient and without this machine, you can only get Flour from the General Store in Lethe Village. You’ll also save a ton of money by installing the Flour Mill on your farm because you’ll not have to buy Flour from the General Store and you can just grow Wheat and put it in the machine to produce Flour.

Now, in order to build the Flour Mill, you’ll need to gather 2x Lumber and 2x Rusty Metal that you can get by mining in the different areas of the Harvestella world. Both of these are common materials and they can be found in the Njord Steppe, Bird’s Eye Brae, Higan Canyon, and the Jade Forest. You can get these materials by mining in different spots in the areas.

Once you’ve got the required materials for Flour Mill, go to your house and interact with the crafting table to see the recipes. Go through the recipes available and select the Flour Mill recipe. The Flour Mill will take 40 minutes to craft and when you select the create option, your screen will get black. The time will skip ahead for 40 minutes and you’ll get the Flour Mill in your inventory.

After building the Flour Mill, place it on your farm and if you have any Wheat in your inventory then place it in the Flour Mill machine to make Flour, then you can store it in your inventory and then use it at the cooking station to make a delicious meal for your character to regenerate its energy.

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