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Harvestella: How to Get Rusty Metal



Harvestella: How to Get Rusty Metal

Harvestella is a simulation game that has crafting mechanics that let you craft useful items in the game with the materials you gather from the wilderness of Harvestella world. There are a lot of materials in Harvestella that you have to get to craft the machines, tools, and weapons for your character with the particular recipes. One of the early and most useful materials in the game is Rusty Metal that’ll be used to craft different machines as well as weapons for your character.

In this guide, we‘ll tell you how to get the Rusty Material in Harvestella.

Getting Rusty Material

As you progress through the prologue of the game and make your way through the Lethe Village and to your Farm in the Bird’s Eye Brae area, you’ll start collecting the early materials of the game. You’ll collect Lumber and Hardstones that are used to craft different items and tools. You’ll also find the Rusty Metal in the starting areas of the game along with the early materials.

Rusty Metal is basically a small fragment of Iron that can be gathered from mining and if you see mining options in the area, you’ll be able to collect the Rusty Metal. In all of the starting areas as Njord Steppe, Higan Canyon, and the Jade Forest, you can find Rusty Metal as it is a very common material. You can also find this material in the chests spread throughout the world of Harvestella.

Rusty Material is used along with other materials that you’ll find in the game to craft different machines like Flour Mill, and Fermenting Barrel. You can craft these machines and place them around your farm to make different items for your character that help you stay hydrated or energetic and can even be used to sell them to earn money.

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