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The Past Within: How to Find All Gems



The Past Within: How to Find All Gems

Albert will tell the Future that they can get out if the person in the Past finds all the gems. Finding the Gems is the last main puzzle that both Past and Future have to do it together.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get all the Gems in the Past Within.

Finding the Gems

There are three Gems in total that Past needs to find and put in their corresponding body pieces. The Gems are the following.

  • White Gem
  • Red Gem
  • Golden Gem

Future will find three masks in the box of Albert and these masks will help the Past to get the gems. Future will find Musical Mask, Deer Mask, and Snow Mask. Musical Mask will help the Past to find the Golden Gem. Deer Mask will help the Past to find the Red Gem. Snow Mask will help the past to find the White Gem. Switch the side to find Albert and he’ll tell you to give him a mask. Give the Snow Mask to Albert and a Butterfly will come out of the device in Past’s screen. Butterflies will sit on the butterfly logo and under the logo, there are substances containers. They’ll open and each one of them has a different body piece with a slot of the gem.

White Gem

With Snow Mask equipped on Albert, Future needs to switch to the machine and reset the time. Future needs to tell the time to Past so he can place the switches according to the hands of the clock. Past needs to place the White switch to 11, Black switch to 2, and Red switch to 4. Past will find a Voodoo Needle after placing the switches in the correct positions. Now, Past needs to insert the Voodoo needle inside the left eye of the doll. Push the needle down into the eye of the doll to reveal a white gem. Place the White Gem inside the left body piece.

Red Gem

Future needs to place the Deer Mask on Albert and a diagram of notches will appear on the blackboard. Tell the positions of notches to Past so he can set the notches in the matching positions. Past needs to go to the front of the device and click on the board with the notches. Past needs to place the notches in the following positions.

  • 5th Notch in 1st column
  • 4th Notch in 2nd column
  • 1st Notch in 3rd column

After putting all the notches in the correct positions, Past will get a Red Gem. Place the Red Gem inside the middle body piece.

Golden Gem

Future needs to place the Music Mask on Albert and the radio will turn on and Future will see the Musical Notes. Future needs to tell the Musical Notes to Past so he can play the Notes on the piano. Right under the body pieces, there is a piano that Past needs to play. Past needs to play the “FGDC” notes on the piano and will get the Golden Gem.

Place the Golden Gem in the right body piece.

After placing all the gems on their body pieces, they’ll start to spin, and the soul of Albert that is in the Past will appear.

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