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Harvestella: How to Do Farming



Harvestella: How to Do Farming

Harvestella is a simulation role-playing game in which you can do a lot of activities and one of the activities that you can do is farming. Farming is used to grow different types of seeds to produce food. As food is very important it gives you HP and Stamina that keep your character going through the day. You’ll need to do a lot of farming in Harvestella.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do farming in Harvestella.


Like the other simulation and farming games, Harvestella also has general criteria for farming but it is relatively simpler than the other hardcore farming games because all the tools for farming are provided to your character on the second day of the first chapter. Cres the Doctor will give you a general idea of farming and will give you the required tools for farming.

The general criteria for farming in Harvestella are the following.

  • Plow the Earth
  • Plant Seeds
  • Water the Seeds

Plowing the Earth

You can grow seeds on any land and the first land that you grow seeds on will be outside your house in Bird’s Eye Brae. Cres will give you the Hoe for plowing the land on which you want to plant the seeds. Equip or change the tools by pressing the RT button and when you equip the Hoe, go to the land and you’ll see the blue square box. The blue square box will indicate the land you’ll plow when you strike the hoe. Press the X button to strike with the Hoe and you need to strike two times to completely plow the land in the square.

Use the hoe on the land to plow it and make sure to keep an eye on your stamina because every action that you perform will decrease your stamina.

Planting Seeds

After plowing the land with the Hoe tool, you need to plant the seeds in the plowed blocks of the land. Press the Y button to plant seeds that you have already equipped. Go inside the blue box and press the button to plant the seeds. You can select the different seeds from your inventory by pressing the interaction buttons. Select the seeds and then press Y to plant them.

Watering the Seeds

To Water the seeds, you’ll have to switch the Tool. To switch the tool, press the RT button to Watering Can. Go to the planted seeds and press the X Button to Water the seeds. The seeds take normally 1 to 3 days to fully grow so you’ll have to water them daily. Water the seeds on the first day after planting them then when you wake up on the next day, and so on.

When the seeds are fully grown, you can harvest them by pressing the B button. Go inside the blue box and press the harvest key to harvest the crops.

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