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The Past Within: How to Solve the Piano Puzzle



piano puzzle

In the second chapter of the Past Within, the person in the past gets to control the device and the person in the future has to help the person in the past solve many puzzles with the device. One of the main puzzles that Past needs to solve is the Piano Puzzle because this puzzle will grant him the Tooth Key that’ll be used to transfer the Bone Substance to the Future.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Piano puzzle in the Past Within.

Solving the Piano Puzzle

Past will be able to open the piano cover by placing the music key which is gotten by placing the movable switches to the positions of the hands of the clock in the Future. Past needs to place the music key in the cover that has the music note symbol and then drag it to open the compartment which will reveal a piano and “78.3” written above it.

The number is indicating the radio frequency and the Future needs to switch the side of the room where are the lockers. There’ll be a radio above the lockers. Click on the radio and adjust the frequency to 78.3. Future will see musical notes on the screen and he needs to tell those notes to Past so he can play those notes on the piano. The notes that Past has to play are “AGAB” on the piano.

piano puzzle the past withink

After playing the notes, the numbers of the frequency will change and the new numbers will be “114.3”. Future needs to change frequency to 114.3 and he’ll see new Musical Notes on the screen. Future needs to tell the notes to the Past and the Past needs to play “CDEG” on the piano. The frequency will change again and the new frequency that Future needs to set on the radio is “103.7”. After changing the frequency on the radio, Past has to play “EDEC” on the piano. The frequency will change again and this time Future needs to set the radio to “89.1”. Past needs to play “BAGA” on the piano which will reveal a Tooth Key.

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