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The Quarry: All Characters Transform in Werewolves – Ending



The Quarry: All Characters Transform in Werewolves – Ending

The Quarry offers different opportunities and choices to the players on which the game changes according to the taken paths by the players. This game has several endings and the choices that players make would affect the outcomes of the ending. You can save all the characters or can get every character killed it all depends on the choices you make in the game. In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to infect all Characters and its ending.

How to Infect All Characters

To infect a character, the character will need to get bit by a werewolf. As each character will face a werewolf in the game and be given several options and QTEs to survive, bit, or kill by the werewolf. If you get killed by the werewolf, you’ll not turn into a werewolf. You need to only get bit by a werewolf and you’ll transform into a werewolf in the full moonlight.

Max, Nick, and Laura

Max, Nick, and Laura will get automatically bitten by a werewolf. Max gets infected in the prologue, Nick gets infected in chapter 3 and Laura will get infected in a cutscene. She’ll show the bite mark in Chapter 8.


Abigail can get infected in chapter 3. When Nick is bitten by a werewolf, Abi will get two options, whether to help Nick or Run. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have to run from a werewolf. You need to pass the QTEs and Interruptions until you get the breathing QTE. Fail this QTE to get bitten by the werewolf.


Emma can get infected in Chapter 4. To get her bitten, you need to go to the treehouse and before opening the trapdoor, you need to search the bag. You’ll get a Taser and a Bear Spray. Choose an option to save yourself from the werewolf and run outside. Pass all the QTEs and when you get the options to Run or Bear Spray, choose Bear Spray to spray on the werewolf and run back to the treehouse. Then you need to block the door of the treehouse but the werewolf will come inside through the window. You need to go to the trapdoor and pass the 1st QTE then fail the 2nd QTE and pass the 3rd QTE. Then you’ll get the QTE of pressing the action button rapidly, fail that as well and Emma will get bitten by the werewolf. After that, you’ll get one more QTE that you need to pass and Emma will get out of there alive but bitten by the werewolf.


Dylan can be infected in chapter 5. Dylan and Ryan will go to the Radio hut. Dylan will try to grab the wire but his hand will get bitten by a werewolf. Ryan will get the option to cut off his hand but if you choose the Terrified option, Ryan will not cut the hand and Dylan will transform into a werewolf later in the game.


Jacob can be infected in chapter 6. Jacob and Emma will get encountered by a werewolf and they will run to a wooden bridge on which Jacob gets a QTE that you need to pass. It will send Emma into the water and Jacob will get two options, either to Run or Hide. You need to choose the Run option and then you need to fail the QTEs. This will result in the werewolf biting Jacob.


Ryan can be infected in chapter 9. After getting stabbed by Bobby Hackett, Ryan will get the option to pull out the knife. Don’t pull out the knife yet, we’ll get a scene later in which we get the option to stab back Bobby with the same knife. When we stab back, Laura will come to Ryan’s help. Laura will suggest to Ryan that let her bite him so he can survive. Accept the option and don’t pull away while she is about to bite Ryan. Ryan will get infected.


Kaitlyn can be infected in chapter 9. Kaitlyn and Dylan will be in the scrapyard and Dylan will see a werewolf coming toward them. Dylan will get the option to warn Kaitlyn. Warn her and she’ll get inside the vehicle then Dylan will lift the vehicle with the crane and Dylan get the option to smash the car or horn. Choose the Smash the Car option, Dylan will shake the car but before the werewolf gets off of the vehicle, Kaitlyn will fall down on the tires and the werewolf will jump on Kaitlyn. Fail the QTE and Kaitlyn will get bitten by the werewolf.

At the end of chapter 9, Ryan will get the option to kill Chris Hackett (Werewolf) then Laura will turn into a werewolf and kill Travis and Ryan. The curse will not be lifted and the remaining characters will survive but stay infected.

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