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The Quarry: Laura Gets Locked Up – Ending



The Quarry: Laura Gets Locked Up – Ending

The Quarry offers different opportunities and choices to the players on which the game changes according to the taken paths by the players. This game has several endings and the choices that players make would affect the outcomes of the ending. You can save all the characters or can get every character killed it all depends on the choices you make in the game. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Laura locked up in a prison cell again at the end of the game.

How to Get Laura Locked Up in a Prison Cell

To get Laura locked up in a cell, you need to follow the Killing All Hacketts Ending playthrough and you only need to make an alternative decision on the last step. To get this ending you need to follow the following steps.

  • Laura and Ryan will be caught by the Hacketts. Laura will get a QTE in which Constance Hackett will fight her over the shotgun and winning the QTE will result in Laura shooting Constance in the face.
  • Ryan gets stabbed by Bobby Hackett. You’ll get the interruption to pull out the knife but don’t do it as we’ll use the knife later in chapter 9.
  • Laura gets chased by Jed Hackett and she runs through the mansion. Jed will get in the face of Laura and we’ll get QTEs in which we dodge the attacks from Jed then Laura attacks Jed and snaps his neck.
  • Ryan will get chased by Bobby Hackett, soon we’ll get a cutscene in which we get the chance to stab Bobby Hackett with the same knife. Ryan will pull out the knife from himself and stabs it into Bobby. Bobby will leave from there and Laura will come to help Ryan.
  • Ryan refuses the help from Laura. Then a cutscene will play in which Chris Hackett kills Bobby Hackett. Ryan picks up the shotgun and kills Chris Hackett then Ryan dies from blood loss.
  • Laura and Travis will be left alone and they’ll fight over the shotgun. Fail the QTE and Travis will take Laura hostage. He’ll put her in a cell and conclude the Hacketts Storyline.

The curse cannot be lifted with this ending because Ryan is dead and he is the only one who has the white wolf. Travis would take Laura back to the prison cell. After the last chapter, Laura can be seen behind the bars in Epilogue.

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