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The Quarry: Save All Hacketts – Ending



The Quarry: Save All Hacketts – Ending

The Quarry offers different opportunities and choices to the players on which the game changes according to the taken paths by the players. This game has several endings and the choices that players make would affect the outcomes of the ending. You can save all the characters or can get every character killed it all depends on the choices you make in the game. AS there is also a Hackett family who lives near the camp and hunts down the werewolves. There is also something edgy about them as you come to know later in the game. Elisa (The Fortune Teller) would advise you to take out the Hacketts family so her son (Silas) can be saved.

In this guide, we tell you how to save the Hacketts family.

How to Save Hacketts Family

You’ll be able to save all the Hacketts family except Kaylee because Laura will kill her in a cutscene. You’ll encounter the whole Hacketts family in chapter 9.

  • Laura will get spotted by Constance and they’ll fight over the gun. You’ll get a QTE which you have to fail in order to save Constance from dying.
  • Jedidiah will shoot at Laura and we’ll get a QTE to dodge the bullet. You need to Run away from him because if you fight him, Laura will kill Jedidiah. Choose the Run option to save Jed.
  • Bobby Hackett will stab Ryan and we’ll get the option to pull out the knife. Pull the knife out and later Bobby will come to Ryan and Laura will save him from Bobby. Bobby runs to Travis. Chris Hackett will not attack Bobby as there would be Jedidiah and Constance in that room. They’ll leave and Chris Hackett will only knock out Bobby.
  • If you want to save Chris Hackett then Ryan and Laura will die there. IF you don’t shoot at Chris with the gun, Chris will kill Ryan and then Laura.
  • Travis will get out of the room as Chris attack Ryan and Laura.
  • Caleb will attack Dylan and Kaitlyn at the lodge. If you want to save him, don’t shoot at Caleb, Kaitlyn will run from there and Caleb will kill Dylan.

The curse will not be lifted at the end and after showing the survivors, the news will be shown on a computer “Summer Camp Tragedy” then a new page will be shown “Hiker Remains Recovered – Hackett Family Suspected”. All the members of the Hackett Family will be arrested for the murder of the missing hikers.

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