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The Quarry: Bad Ending



The Quarry: Bad Ending

The Quarry offers different opportunities and choices to the players on which the game changes according to the taken paths by the players. This game has several endings and the choices that players make would affect the outcomes of the ending. You can save all the characters or can get every character killed it all depends on the choices you make in the game. In this guide, we’ll be telling you the bad ending of the Quarry.

How to Get the Bad Ending

In Chapter 10, Laura, Ryan, and Travis go to the last seen location of the White Wolf (Silas) to kill it so, they can lift off the curse of the werewolf. You can get the bad ending by not lifting the curse of the werewolf. You don’t need to kill Silas and die as well in the last playthrough of chapter 10.

Avoid Car Crash

You’ll get attacked by the Silas while driving down the road and you’ll get a few QTEs that you need to successfully pass in order to avoid the car crash. Eventually, you’ll get an interruption in which you need to make a choice between Take the Wheel or Grab Gun. Choose the Take the Wheel option to control the vehicle and stop it.

Ryan Offers Wolf Blood to Laura

Travis will go toward their trail of Silas to finish the job. Before we go behind him, Ryan would offer a Vial which would be our choice to make whether to take it or not. The Vial would give the immunity to not die from a werewolf as the vial would be the blood of a wolf.

Don’t Kill Silas

When you reach the location of Silas, Laura, Ryan, and Travis will find Silas in his nest. You’ll be playing as Laura and you’ll get the interruption to Raise the Gun. If you don’t raise the gun, Travis will question your behavior and lose his patience. He’ll try to grab the gun from you and you’ll get a QTE, if you pass the QTE, you’ll get the option to kill Travis or Silas. If you kill Travis at this point, Silas will come out of his nest and kill Laura as well if she hasn’t worn the Vial of Blood. Ryan would survive due to the Vial of Blood. If Laura has worn a Vial of Blood, then Silas will kill Ryan and Laura will survive.

Silas will get away and the curse remains. That’ll be a bad ending for the Quarry if other characters also died in the past chapters and only 1 lone survivor remains and also the curse hasn’t lifted.

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