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The Quarry: Jacob Tells Emma the Truth (Secret Ending)



The Quarry: Jacob Tells Emma the Truth (Secret Ending)

The Quarry offers different opportunities and choices to the players on which the game changes according to the taken paths by the players. This game has several endings and the choices that players make would affect the outcomes of the ending. You can save all the characters or can get every character killed it all depends on the choices you make in the game. In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to get the cutscene of Jacob telling Emma the truth at the end of the game.

How to Get the Cutscene of Jacob Telling Emma the Truth

There are a lot of opportunities and choices that you make in this game. Every choice and Path you choose will have a different outcome in the story. As we all know, Jacob messed up the van in the 1st chapter of the game so he could spend one last summer night with Emma and try to convince her that they could still be together in a long-distance relationship. But all the characters get to deal with werewolves and hunters to save their lives.

We’ll go through all the steps that you need to do in order to Jacob to tell Emma the truth.

  • In Chapter 4, When you will play as Emma, you need to get her bitten by the werewolf at the treehouse. You don’t want to get her killed by the werewolf. To get her bitten, you need to go to the treehouse and before opening the trapdoor, you need to search the bag. You’ll get a Taser and a Bear Spray. Choose an option to save yourself from the werewolf and run outside. Pass all the QTEs and when you get the options to Run or Bear Spray, choose Bear Spray to spray on the werewolf and run back to the treehouse. Then you need to block the door of the treehouse but the werewolf will come inside through the window. You need to go to the trapdoor and pass the 1st QTE then fail the 2nd QTE and pass the 3rd QTE. Then you’ll get the QTE of pressing the action button rapidly, fail that as well and Emma will get bitten by the werewolf. After that, you’ll get one more QTE that you need to pass and Emma will get out of there alive but bitten by the werewolf.
  • In Chapter 6, Jacob will meet Emma in the woods but they’ll get encountered by a werewolf. Jacob and Emma will run but Emma will get thrown into the water accidentally by Jacob. Then Jacob will get the option to Run or Hide, you’ll need to choose the Hide option and later you’ll get caught by the Hunters.
  • In Chapter 8, Emma will return to the lodge and she will sit in the busted van. Kaitlyn, Dylan, and Abi will return from the swimming area of the camp. Dylan will hear something in the van and as he opens the door of the van, a werewolf will jump on Dylan and Kaitlyn will shoot at the werewolf. The werewolf will be Emma. Abigail will offer Kaitlyn a Silver Bullet that Laura made for her at the beginning of chapter 8. You’ll get the option to shoot at the werewolf with Silver Bullet or Normal Bullet, you need to choose the Normal Bullet option because it won’t kill Emma but if you shoot the werewolf with Silver Bullet, Emma will die. After shooting the werewolf with Normal Bullet, it will disappear into the woods.
  • Later in Chapter 8, You need to free Jacob from the Hacketts. Choose the Help Jacob option and use the Breakers to free Jacob from the electric cage.
  • In Chapter 9, you need to kill Chris Hackett by shooting at him as Ryan. Once you shoot at the werewolf (Chris Hackett), all the people who have turned into werewolves by Chris Hackett will turn to normal. Emma will also turn back into a human form.
  • In Chapter 10, it doesn’t matter what end you do, good or bad. The cutscene of Jacob telling the truth to Emma will play.

An ending with this cutscene will be very rare because most people wouldn’t have made all the choices correct to get the cutscene.

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