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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Red Nucleus



Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Red Nucleus

There are different currencies in Tower of Fantasy that is used for different things in the game. The Nucleuses are for the banners that people can get by getting a certain amount of nucleus. One of the hardest nucleus currencies to get is the red nucleus.

Red Nucleus

Red Nucleus currency is used to give players a 50-50 shot at the Nemesis Banner and right now there is a 20-day time frame to get the Nemesis Banner in the game. Just like the other banners that you get from the Gold Nucleus currency. To get the Nemesis Banner, players will have to collect 80 Red Nucleuses to get a chance to get the Nemesis Banner.

Unfortunately, the red nucleus currency cannot be found anywhere on the map and there are only two ways to get the red nucleus. You can either buy the red nucleus with the Dark Crystal currency or you can buy the red nucleus with real money.

If you are a free-to-play player then you can buy 1 Red Nucleus for 150 Dark Crystals. You can get Dark Crystals for completing the quests, finding the chests, and treasures, and exploring the world. But you won’t be able to get all 80 Red Nucleuses in 20 days from the Dark Crystals.

If you want to buy the Red Nucleus with Real Money, you can buy it with the Tanium currency which is the premium currency of the game. Go to the Limited Gift Pack tab and you’ll be able to buy a single Red Nucleus for 60 Tanium or 10x Red Nucleus for 980 Tanium.

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