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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Vehicles Parts While AFK



Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Vehicles Parts While AFK

Tower of Fantasy has various mounts/vehicles which players can unlock by finding all the parts of a particular vehicle. The parts are spread out on the world map and the players will need to obtain the parts by completing a quest or defeating the enemy/boss. There is also a way to get the parts without fighting the enemies and this new trick is gaining popularity on the servers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Vehicles Parts while AFK in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get Vehicles Parts While AFK

If you have a Zero Character or your friend has a Zero Character or any other person in your lobby has a Zero Character equipped then you can do the AFK Farming to get the vehicle’s parts. AFK Farming can only be possible with Zero. Because Zero has an ability that summons a cube that rotates around him and does a little bit of damage to the enemies. In order to summon the cube, all you have to do is dodge dash. Dodging will summon a single cube and you can stack cubes up to 5 so, dodge 5 times to get 5 cubes rotating around you.

Now, to complete the AFK Farming, you also want to level up the Negating Cube weapon to 1 star because leveling the cube will drop you heal. So, if you are AFK and any enemy comes to you, the cubes will damage the enemy and if the enemy damages you, the cube will drop you a heal and you’ll get all of your health back. No enemy would be able to kill you and you can easily go outside while AFK Farming.

Now, to get the vehicle part from this technique, all you have to do is go to an enemy from which you’ll obtain the part of the vehicle. Dash five times and stand AFK near the enemy, the enemy will come near and get damaged by the cubes rotating around you and if you get low, you’ll get healed. After the enemy is dead, you’ll get all the loot that it dropped along with the Vehicle part. If you don’t have Zero then get into a party with the person who is using Zero and you’ll be able to get the parts while doing the AFK Farming.

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