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Victoria 3: Interests and Diplomatic Actions



Victoria 3: Interests and Diplomatic Actions

As the leader of the country, you’ll need to interact with other countries which can only be done by interests. It is important to learn how interests work and how they can be used to interact with other countries.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the Interests and Diplomatic Actions in Victoria 3.

Interests and Diplomatic Actions

An interest defines a country’s ability to interact with a country in a strategic region. Interests let your country diplomatically engage and trade with the countries within these regions. There are two types of interests.

  • Natural
  • Declared

A natural interest is any strategic region that your country already has territory in. conversely, declared interests allow a country to select a neighboring strategic region to interact with. Some countries don’t start with any declared interest slots but you can increase the number of slots you have by increasing your country’s rank and by building naval bases.

If a country is in one of your interest regions, you can perform diplomatic actions with them. The diplomatic actions that are instant, like expelling diplomats have no influence costs. However, continuous diplomatic actions like improving relations have an upkeep cost of influence as long as you keep performing them.

Influence is a representation of your country’s ability to engage in sustained diplomacy. Influence is primarily generated by your country’s rank and the rank of countries you have rivalries with. For example, Great Britain might have an easier time performing diplomatic actions all around the world.

Victoria 3: Interests and Diplomatic Actions

You might be forced to be a lot more selective with your diplomacy as a smaller country, so choose carefully. One of the other things you can do with influence is from diplomatic pacts. Diplomatic pacts are promises that two countries give to one another. Many of these require a high cost of influence per month but also provide a lot of bonuses. You can promote free trade with other countries with the trade agreement pact but also promise to go to war together with the alliance pact. You can even demand the subjugation of a nation less technologically advanced than you by making them into a protectorate.

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