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Victoria 3: Pops Needs



Victoria 3: Pops Needs

To run a country or nation, it is your duty to look out for the people of your country or nation and fulfill their needs. Every person in a country or nation has their own needs and it is the duty of the government to fulfill the needs of the people to increase the living standard of the people in the country.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the people’s needs and how you can fulfill them in Victoria 3.

Pops Needs

The needs of people in Victoria 3 are just like the real world and the needs are materialistic which means every person in the world has them and their wealth level determines exactly what they are. This means that every pop is determined by its type, culture, faith, location, and place of employment and will have its own set of needs based on that pop’s wealth level. Naturally then, as pops move from one wealth level to another either upwards or downwards, the demand for the needs associated with their new wealth level goes up as there are now more people looking for the same goods and services.

To see exactly what a pop needs, you can use the nested tooltips to pull up a list of the categories of needs, and going one step further, you can see exactly which goods they’re using to fulfill each category of need, as well as how much they’re spending on each good. There are a variety of goods that can be used to fulfill any one category of need. You can also see the list of almost all the goods in the game and who needs them and why, by using the Trade Lens and looking through the goods listed under import or export trade routes.

Here you can choose a type of good and through the tooltips, you can get a better understanding of which wealth levels need that good and for what purpose. Not all wealth levels use the same goods for the same things and some things are substituted for higher-end versions at higher wealth levels, though there is a bit of overlap at times. There is one need that doesn’t show under the Trade Lens as it can’t be imported or exported, and that is services. You can find that under the Market tab instead with further breakdowns as to what it’s needed for and by whom.

Victoria 3: Pops Needs

It’s worth noting that your pops will seek the most financially viable option to fulfill each category of need but they will also be influenced by factors other than the cost at times. The best example of this involves cultural obsessions and taboos, where culture may be inclined to consume one good more than other or to avoid it as much as possible. Under intoxicants, for example, any pop of Han culture will be obsessed with opium and will be more likely to use opium as their intoxicant of choice, even if it’s more expensive. By contrast, any pop belonging to the Muslim sector will try to minimize how much they use liquor as an intoxicant, regardless of how cheap it might be because it’s considered a taboo.

This isn’t to say consumption is entirely under the control of these obsessions and taboos. They will never be the only way to fulfill a need category nor will they ever be completely avoided. But the spread of goods used to fulfill a need category will be affected which will influence how you will want to adjust supply and demand to improve your people’s lives and the affordability of their lifestyles.

You can also use the Markets to import the goods for the pops and can add taxes on the goods as well but the pops will not stop buying their needs and you want to keep the percentage of tax at a point where it doesn’t affect pops that much because you don’t want them to go rogue and do violence. You also don’t want to keep the price very low because it will affect your GDP and Rank and it’ll reduce the profitability of buildings in your nation which means they won’t actually be able to pay wages which will result in destroying your economy.

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